Fantech RS1 & R1 Steering Wheel Sneak Peak! Shift Into Gear!

Fantech RS1 & R1 Steering Wheel Sneak Peak! Shift Into Gear!

At Fantech, we’re not just stopping at creating one of 2022’s best gaming mice. We’ve also been working on an amazing steering wheel as we’re also big fans of sim racing!

While we can’t show the whole design yet, we wanted to give a sneak peak at our upcoming steering wheel for gamers!

Big Fan of Racing Games? Say Goodbye to Multiple Steering Wheels with RS1 and R1!

That’s right. Our upcoming steering wheel series of products, both Fantech R1 and RS1 support multiple consoles and platforms! Gone are the days of having a wheel that only works on one console and needing to buy another for games exclusive to another console. In other words, they're a true multi-platform experience unlike any other.

The Fantech RS1 Steering Wheel supports: Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PC.

The Fantech R1 Steering Wheel supports: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Switch, PS3, PS4 and PC.

Fantech RS1 is aimed at sim-racing fans and features a lot of the great things that fans look for in a competitive level wheel such as force-feedback and more.

While Fantech R1 is aimed at arcade racing fans, and gamers new to wheels, as well as those looking for the up-most compatibility across all their favorite consoles. However, both types of fans will be able to enjoy both steering wheels regardless of their gaming preferences.

Gear up and get racing with Fantech!


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  • PixArt 3395 Gaming Sensor
  • 59 Grams Super Lightweight Design
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • Kailh GM8.0 Switches
  • TTC Gold Scroll Wheel Encoder
  • Huano Black Shell White Dot Side Switches
  • Huano Black Shell Blue Dot Scroll Switch
  • No RGB!

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