Return Policy

If you have purchased our products and are experiencing an issue related to quality, please go to to submit a ticket in our support portal. When submitting a ticket, please provide as much information as possible, and even photos or a video to show the problem.

In many cases, issues can be resolved without the need to return the product. A return of the product also depends completely on the warranty on the product itself. We do not accept a random return of a product unless there is a quality issue that we cannot solve. Any product that is randomly returned without approval will not be refunded.

If a product needs to be returned or RMA, please see our Return Policy below.


Items Purchased Through Amazon

For items purchased through our Amazon Official Store, please see the Return Guidelines from Amazon, available HERE 

Please note that all returns are processed by Amazon directly, and any final decision of acceptance rests upon Amazon. In these cases, as the items are Fulfilled By Amazon, we still provide support, but resolutions will be on a case-by-case basis.


Items Purchased Through AliExpress

For items purchased through AliExpress, all products purchased through the platform are protected by a standard set of guarantees, also known as Buyer Protection.

For full details, please see the following information on AliExpress HERE 

Please note, that when returning the product, AliExpress will handle the full process through their platform, including inspecting the item. We will still provide as much support as possible to ensure customer happiness along the way.


Items Purchased from Fantech Stores / Authorized Retailers

For items purchased through Fantech Official Stores or Authorized Retailers, please contact the store directly to request a product return. Please note that as the product has been sold through the retailer directly, they are solely responsible for handling any return.

For all other situations, feel free to contact us at