Customer Protection Guarantee

We at Fantech are committed to customer satisfaction and happiness. It is our goal to ensure all of our customers are happy with our products, and to give quality, as well as efficient, customer support, so as to give a comfortable experience. With this in mind, we commit to go above and beyond what is provided typically by e-commerce sites as well as competitors. This ensures that customers can buy safely, and rest assured.

All items purchased through our AliExpress, Amazon and Fantech Authorized stores come with our protection guarantee. This includes honoring returns and warranties, accurate product information, and payment security, as well as friendly interactions with our staff. We strive to ensure customers feel safe as well as happy when purchasing, and gaming with our products.

Any experiences with our products or with purchasing, can be sent to josh(at)

For more information regarding buyer satisfaction, protection and guarantees for our online stores through Amazon and AliExpress, please see below.


Items Purchased Through Amazon

For items purchased through Amazon, our commitment to customers above, as well as all standard Amazon guarantees apply.

(Click HERE for Amazon’s official guarantees.)


Items Purchased Through AliExpress

For items purchased through AliExpress, our commitment to customers above, as well as the “AliExpress Buyer Protection” apply.

(Click HERE for AliExpress’ official guarantees.)