Elevate Your Gaming: Fantech's Innovation

At Fantech, we set ourselves apart from others with actual R&D, latency testing, and even open discussions with enthusiasts to ensure our products level up the performance of gamers. After all, a great gaming product should truly be a power up for your gaming.

Our in-house team of ergonomic professionals and engineers work in our state-of-the-art gaming laboratory, equipped with Nvidia LDAT, FM XLAT, RAKKA Tester, as well as microscopes, friction testers and more, to ensure every component performs at a mindblowing level. Whether it be the fabric material of a mouse pad, or even click latency, we’ve got you covered.

Experience the Innovation

No matter the product, we take pride in what we do, and strive for customer happiness, every step of the way. When you use a Fantech product, you’ll not only have a groundbreaking experience, but also will be using a piece of gear that’s truly innovative.

From Scratch to Masterpiece, we strive to create ground-breaking gaming peripherals for PC, and console. Every step of the way, including the 3D design, prototyping the shape, and even engineering, we at Fantech take steps to ensure our products aren't just a rehashed version of something else. Every curve, every slope, and every other part of the product have been created perfectly by our in-house ergonomic experts.