Reviewer Ethics Guarantee

At Fantech, we take our products seriously. We know it’s incredibly important for reviewers to receive the same product as consumers, and that it is incredibly important that consumers receive the same product as reviewers too.

The following are the exact steps we take when sending a product to a reviewer, as well as the reasons for why we do it. Also included are the policies we have for those who review our products.

Reviewer Ethics:

We at Fantech promise:

  1. To provide products to reviewers in exchange for their unbiased opinion;
  2. To inspect every reviewer product that is sent directly from us;
  3. To only check to ensure that it is in full working order, as review units do not include a warranty;
  4. To ensure that review units are 1:1 exactly the same as the products that consumers receive (minus the plastic film if the product was inspected);
  5. To not “cherry pick” (ie: pick the best product out of the batch) when sending products to reviewers. Our quality control already ensures that each product can be used as intended, with a normal margin of error;
  6. And when inspecting products to send to a reviewer, we will only test the functionality of the product, and ensure there are no abnormalities that don’t exist in any unit of the product.

Reviewer Policy / Agreement

Reviewers Must:

  1. Give their total unbiased opinion of the product. (This allows for the reviews to be trustworthy and not shilling);
  2. Tell their audience that they received the product for free, if it was given for free. (This ensures users know that the reviewer is cooperating with us, for transparency);
  3. Tell their audience that we have inspected the product beforehand, and confirmed that it is 1:1 with the product that customers will receive. (As per above, this is because reviewer units do not have a warranty and must be inspected.);
  4. If the product is a pre-production sample, this needs to be disclosed to viewers to ensure everyone knows the product may vary once released.