What is Gamesense and Why Is it Important for FPS Games?

What is Gamesense and Why Is it Important for FPS Games?

In FPS games, there’s a lot more to winning than just quick reflexes or accurate aim. A player’s ability to utilize “gamesense” can be the difference between winning and losing. But what is gamesense anyways?

What is “Gamesense” and How to Improve Your Skill in FPS Games!

Gamesense refers to a player's intuitive understanding of the game, their surroundings, and their opponents, enabling them to make strategic decisions while gaming. There’s 5 key points which all make up what “gamesense” is, and utilizing each one is incredibly important for success.

1) Awareness and Map Knowledge: Being aware of the game as well as the current map is an incredibly important part of gamesense. A player with strong gamesense possesses an acute understanding of their surroundings, including important locations, chokepoints, and potential ambush spots. This awareness allows them to anticipate enemy movements, plan effective strategies, and react swiftly to changing situations. Without this, it could cause a player to become “lost” in the map, and even delaying rounds or losing the key opportunity.


2) Tactical Decision-Making: Making informed tactical decisions on the fly is an incredibly important part of gamesene. This includes analyzing the current state of the game, evaluating objectives, and determining what to do next, immediately without delay. A player with good gamesense can quickly assess whether it is beneficial to push forward aggressively, hold a defensive position, or retreat for better positioning. This ability to adapt and make smart decisions under pressure is what sets apart exceptional players. Without this, a player could be rushing into situations where they’re outnumbered, or even cause their whole team to lose.


3) Reading Opponents: Gamesense extends to reading and predicting opponent behavior. Through observation and experience, players with gamesense can decipher patterns and tendencies in their adversaries' actions. They can anticipate their opponents' strategies, predict their movements, and even outsmart them by baiting them into unfavorable situations. This skill enables players to gain the upper hand in engagements and secure advantageous positions. A prime example of this is if an enemy team shows a pattern of going to one choke point, then the other parts of the map may be free to quickly flank behind them. Without this, a player could easily miss out on important opportunities to out-think their opponents.


4) Resource Management: Gamesense includes efficient resource management. In FPS games, resources such as ammunition, health packs, and abilities play a crucial role. A player with good gamesense knows when to conserve resources and when to expend them strategically. They understand the importance of timing, ensuring they have the necessary tools at critical moments while avoiding wasteful usage. A prime example of this would be to think ahead when purchasing weapons during the “buy phase” of the game, to make sure you have enough money for other necessary equipment. Without this, a player could be rushing into battle with their favorite gun, but without enough resources for further rounds.


5) Communication and Teamwork: Gamesense isn't limited to individual performance but extends to the entire team’s dynamics. A player with strong gamesense understands the importance of effective communication and teamwork. They share crucial information with teammates, coordinate strategies, and adapt their playstyle to complement their team's objectives. By leveraging their gamesense in a collaborative manner, players can create synergistic advantages that lead to victory. An example of this would be communicating enemy positions, during heated moments. Without proper communication, a player is effectively blind in the battlefield and can only see what’s on their screen.


In the world of FPS games, gamesense is a vital attribute that separates good players from great ones. It encompasses situational awareness, tactical decision-making, opponent reading, resource management, and teamwork. Developing gamesense requires experience, practice, and a deep understanding of the game mechanics. By honing this skill, players can elevate their gameplay and achieve greater success in FPS gaming.


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