Hero UX1 Knowledge Base FAQ

If you have purchased our products and are experiencing an issue related to quality, please go to https://www.fantechworld.com/support to submit a ticket in our support portal. When submitting a ticket, please provide as much information as possible, and even photos or a video to show the problem.

Is it possible to Drag-Click with this mouse?

Yes, the Fantech Hero UX1 is an excellent mouse for drag clicking. However, this technique depends on the skill of the user, and their proficiency. It should be noted that drag clicking causes the mouse switches to lose their durability much faster.


What is Polling Rate?

Polling rate is the frequency at which the mouse position is transmitted to the PC. A higher frequency means the position of the mouse will be transmitted more often. Essentially, a high polling rate means for a higher accuracy in fast paced situations.


What is Debounce Time?

Debounce time is the amount of time that must pass before the second press of the switch will be registered. In other words, debounce time is the minimum time between switch presses. In some occasions, a low debounce time can be beneficial for gamers, as they could spam inputs for a competitive advantage. This is most notable for Minecraft, and mods like bed wars.

How do I customize my mouse’s settings?

Our Fantech software allows you to customize settings such as scrolling speed, DPI, RGB lighting, macros and more. In some models, advanced settings like polling rate, angle snapping, and debounce time can be set too.

What is the standard DPI?

By default, the standard DPI on Hero UX1 is: 800-1600-2000-2400-3200-5000 and 16000, with the active default being 800-1600 DPI. DPI is the abbreviation for “dots per inch” and indicates how many points are covered on the screen per inch moved on the mouse pad. A higher DPI means for faster movements.


Can LMB/RMB be re-programmed?

Yes, in our software, LMB and RMB can be re-programmed. However, please note that since these functions are essential for using a computer,Since left and right click are existential functions of a mouse, the functions must always be assigned. To reassign or re-program them, the LMB and RMB functionality will need to be reassigned to other buttons beforehand.

How do I clean the mouse?

A damp towel can be used to clean the mouse. Be sure to not use soap or other detergents as these can damage the paint or rubberized coating. When using a damp towel, make sure it isn’t too wet, as to avoid damaging the electronic components inside the mouse.


Can the mouse be used with a USB hub?

While a gaming mouse, as it is USB, can be connected to a USB hub, we generally suggest not to do this. This is due to how a USB hub doesn’t provide a direct connection between the mouse and the computer. To ensure a stable and precise communication between your mouse and the computer, it is important to directly connect it, as to avoid errors in the signal.

Can I use the mouse without installing Fantech Software?

Our gaming mice are generally able to be used without the Fantech Software. However, installing the Fantech Software is recommended as it will allow you to further customize the settings of the mouse. In order to get the best experience with the product, we suggest using the software and installing any firmware update that is available.

Windows does not recognize my mouse.

If Windows doesn’t recognize your mouse, please follow these steps. First, ensure that the mouse is connected properly. It can be incredibly useful to try different USB ports to ensure that one of them is not causing the issue. If the mouse is still not being recognized, please contact our support team.


The firmware upgrade doesn’t work.

If you have any troubles with the firmware update of a Fantech product, we suggest to follow these steps: First, try downloading the driver again as internet issues may cause an incomplete download. If this doesn’t fix the issue, please try restarting your computer and using a different USB port. If these steps don’t help, please contact our dedicated support team for help.

My pointer is not moving at a consistent speed.

In this case, it is possible that mouse acceleration has been enabled within the software or within Windows. To enable it, simply open your software and look for the “Mouse Acceleration” feature, or type in “Mouse Settings” in the Windows Start Menu, and then click on “Additional Mouse Option”, and then select “Pointer Options”. Within this sub-menu, make sure there is no check mark next to ‘Enhance Pointer Precision”.

What is saved on the onboard memory?

All settings such as button assignments, DPI and more are saved within onboard memory. However, in some cases, lighting and other settings may not be depending on the model of the mouse.


Can I modify or disassemble my product?

Modifying or disassembling our products may void your warranty in some cases. If you wish to modify your product, please be sure to contact our customer support first to avoid any future problems with warranty. Any attempt to modify or disassemble the mouse is done at the owner’s own risk.

Does the mouse have a tiltable click-wheel?

Currently, all of our mice use a 2D mouse wheel. Therefore, they can only be scrolled up and down.

Is Grip Tape Covered by warranty?

As per our warranty policy, Grip Tape is considered a consumable and is not covered by warranty. For other warranty concerns, please see our detailed article on the matter: https://fantechworld.com/warranty-policy/


Are Mouse Skates Covered by Warranty?

As per our warranty policy, Mouse Skates are not covered by warranty as they are considered a consumable. For all other warranty concerns, please see our detailed article on the matter: https://fantechworld.com/warranty-policy/


What is LOD? How Can I Adjust LOD?

Also known as “Lift-Off Distance”, refers to the distance at which the sensor on your gaming mouse stops tracking mouse movements. This is important during gaming, as you will need to frequently pick up your mouse to reposition it on the mouse pad. With a high LOD, the sensor will keep tracking while you’re repositioning, which will cause your tracking to be inaccurate.

Can I use Aftermarket Mouse Skates or Mouse Feet?

Yes, you may use aftermarket mouse skates or mouse feet if they exist for the mouse. Please keep in mind that our stock skates are generally made with pure PTFE, unless otherwise specified.

Are the Included Skates for UX1 Good? 

The included mouse skates are made of pure PTFE, and will need to be “broken in” for users to experience the full performance. Typically, after a few gaming sessions, the skates will be a little more slippery than out of the box. This is normal and is the intended design of the mouse skate to ensure it can be properly transported without falling off of the mouse.