On retrouve une fiche technique à la pointe avec le meilleur capteur du moment et les switchs optiques les plus sérieux qui cohabitent dans une shape sans défaut.

(We find a cutting-edge technical sheet with the best sensor of the moment and the most serious optical switches which coexist in a flawless shape.)

Universal Built

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Strikespeed Wireless, BT, Wired

Sensor Type



Pixart 3395 High-end Sensor

Adjustable LOD



400-26,000 DPI





Polling Rate

Up to 4K

On-Board Memory


Adjustable LOD


Back Cover Material

UV Matte Finish

Core Construction

ABS Plastic



Total Button


Switch Type & Lifetime

100 Million Clicks




55g Ultra-Lightweight




1.8M Paracord

OS Compatibility

Windows and Mac OS X. USB Port Required

Software Compatibility

Windows (7 or Newer)

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What’s in the box

  1. USB Adaptor
  2. Helios II Pro
  3. User Manual
  4. Type-C to USB Cable & USB Wireless Receiver
  5. 1 Set Anti-Slip Grip
  6. 4K Polling Gold Coin
  7. Helios II Stickers
  8. 1 Set PTFE Mouse Skates & PTFE Dot Skates
  9. Greeting Card
  10. Warranty Card

What’s in the box


Is Helios II Pro 4K Polling Compatible?

Yes, Helios II Pro is compatible with 4K Polling as it is designed with a Nordic 52833 MCU.

Is the 4K Dongle Included?

The dongle is not included in the box, however, it is included as one of the options when purchasing Helios II Pro on our website. If you want the 4K dongle, be sure to choose the 4K option.

What is the Size of Helios II Pro?

The size of Helios II Pro is: 120mm x 64mm x 38.3mm, making it a perfect companion for most gamers.

Why Optical Switches?

In Helios II Pro, we've chosen high-quality TTC Optical Gold Switches, which are a new switch from TTC and not the same as predecessors. The benefits of Optical Switches include not being susceptible to double clicking/unintended clicks, as well as having more longevity and better performance than mechanical switches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Michael Covello
Amazing build quality, Perfect Shape! Switches eh...

Love almost everything about this mouse. The build quality is top-notch, the shape is G.O.A.T, and weight of 55g feels great, and the sensor is top-tier.

My only issue with the mouse is with its switches. They are optical which is cool as it prevents double-clicks... BUT... they sound kinda "hollow", feel a bit "flat", and are simply not stiff enough. What I mean by "flat" is that the switch's "springiness" is not strong enough for my taste; I wish there was more post-travel velocity. That is, the mechanics of the switch (plunger) feels a bit weak & makes it hard to be consistent when spam-clicking (or butterfly-clicking) and quite easy to accidentally click.

thomas roundtree
It’s awesome

Wish they had it s1 size

Brad Bishop
Absolute banger!

IMHO this is the ambi mouse of the year! 4k, 55-gram solid shell, well known S2 inspired shape at a value focused price point. Tracking is superb with this 3395 implementation. Clicks feel snappy and tactile with some of the lowest pre and post travel of any mouse I own. Control software is easy to use. Skates feel premium as do the included grips. This is appreciated as I would usually spend extra on purchasing premium grips and skates from a third-party vendor. My only cons would be the coating feels a little less premium, just like the first gen pulsar X2's but a little more textured. A move to browser-based software would be a step forward as well. A 'quick setup' guide for paring the 4k dongle would be appreciated too, it took a little while to figure that out.
All in all, exceptionally well done!
This became my main as soon as it landed on my desk, replacing mice that cost near 3 times the price.

Nick Tew
Good product, but disappointed

I was expecting the exact shape as the Zowie S2, but the hump is much flatter. As a result I'm quite disappointed because the in hand experience is quite different than an S2, but the mouse is still of good quality.

James Dulyk
Exceeded expectations

I collect and review mice, currently over 40 plus wireless mice. The outstanding craftsmanship in this mouse genuinely had me giddy once I finally received my copy. The click feeling is the most satisfying of any mouse I have used. I often review mice so I was sure to run my copy through the paces and the integrity is top tier. Since first trying the Aria, I have been keeping an eye on Fantech releases and will continue to do so as they offer S-tier mice at reasonable prices.