Fantech XD3V2 Highly Recommended & Great Value by TechPowerUp Award!

Fantech XD3V2 Highly Recommended & Great Value by TechPowerUp Award!

Our Fantech Helios XD3V2, an awesome ambidextrous gaming mouse with high-end features such as Pixart 3370 sensor, binned Kailh 8.0 switches, PTFE skates, was just awarded both the “Highly Recommended” and “Great Value” Awards by TechPowerUp!

TechPowerUp has done an incredibly detailed review of our MAXFIT67 mechanical keyboard on their website. You can check it out by going HERE.

Gaming Mouse Highly Recommended TechPowerUp XD3V2
Fantech XD3V2 Has Won 2 Awards!

XD3V2 "Highly Recommended" & "Great Value" by TechPowerUp

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Our XD3V2 isn’t just an ordinary “S2” shape gaming mouse, we’ve strived to be different. When designing XD3V2 and it’s predecessor, the XD3, we wanted to give gamers a wireless mouse that can be their true companion for gaming.

Whether you're new to gaming mice, or a pro enthusiast, our XD3V2 is definitely worth checking out!

XD3V2 Specifications

Below, are the main features of XD3V2.

  • Binned Kailh GM8.0 Switches (Crispy goodness!)
  • S2-inspired Shape
  • Stable 1000hz Polling Rate
  • PTFE Skates
  • Stable Wireless Connectivity
  • Includes Wireless Extension Dongle
  • Low-Profile RGB Strip Lighting
  • Paracord Charging + Data Cable
  • Amazing Goodness in Every Box.

We know that durability means a lot to gamers, as nobody wants to be buying a replacement mouse every few months, or hassling with warranty returns. That’s why we’ve made XD3V2 to feel like an absolute BEAST in terms of its durability and usability in games!


Thank You TechPowerUp!

Just like before, we know that getting an award from a well known publication isn’t easy. We’ve strived for years to get recognition for the moves we’re making with our gaming gear. To get this seal of approval or award, is something that really motivates us.

All of us at Fantech would like to extend our big thanks to the team at TechPowerUp as well as to the reviewer (Pzogel) for their amazing attention to detail and awesomeness.

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again. This isn’t something we could have achieved without the support of all of our gaming fans. We’re fans of all of our fans, truly. Thank you again for all of your support throughout the years.

If you’re interested in checking out our Fantech XD3V2, and want to see why it’s worth the awards it’s been given, take a look below!


  • Awarded "Highly Recommended" and "Great Value" from TechPowerUp!
  • PixArt 3370 Gaming Sensor
  • Up to 400 IPS / 50G Acceleration
  • On-the-fly Adjustable DPI 100-19,000 DPI
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • KAILH GM 8.0  Switches
  • Slim Low-Profile RGB
  • Six Independently Programmable Buttons
  • 1.8m Type-C Paracord
  • Size: 120mm x 58mm x 38mm

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