5 Reasons Why You Should Use Gaming Mouse Grip Tape!

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Gaming Mouse Grip Tape!

If you use a gaming mouse, then it’s time to get a grip. Your gaming mouse could be in need of an upgrade, and applying grip tape is the perfect way to get an edge up on your opponent in clutch moments. Here’s 5 reasons why you should use gaming mouse grip tape!

Top Reasons Why You Should Use Mouse Grip Tape

Using grip tape on your gaming mouse comes with a lot of benefits! From wicking away sweat and moisture, to even creating a unique look. It may seem like a simple upgrade, but it's definitely worth it.

1) An Easy Upgrade

Generally speaking, top-grade gaming gear can cost a pretty penny. However, grip tape is one of the few performance-enhancing solutions that are exclusionary to that. It easily allows you to level up your gaming mouse without breaking the bank. Not to mention the benefits it gives gamers make it worth it too.

2) Incredibly Aesthetic

Grip tape looks great when applied to gaming mice, and many variations exist that can give your gaming mouse a complete new look. Some grip tapes such as our Pro Grips for Aria include a unique design stamped into them as well. The uniform nature of the tape also helps to easily hide branding, and makes the mouse look more uniform as well.

3) Better Control & Precision

Putting grip tape on your gaming mice will provide you with substantially better grip than your mouse’s smooth plastic construction can. This is especially the case when your palms are sweaty during the middle of a game. With grip tape, there’s a much less chance of losing control of the mouse during intense gameplay. This translates into making swipes, and other sudden movements much easier than without.

For FPS games like Valorant, CS:GO, Siege, Overwatch 2 and more, where one wrong micro-movement could mean the difference between winning and losing, grip tape really is the key to success.

4) Hassle-Free Installation

Grip tape usually uses adhesive to attach to the mouse, for a simple and clean installation process. Depending on the brand, grip tape may be pre-cut to fit your mouse’s shape perfectly. For example, we carry grip tape for our Fantech Aria gaming mouse.

5) Keeps Your Mouse in Tip-Top Shape

We all know that a new gaming mouse can easily start to look dirty or old after a few months of daily use. This doesn’t just apply to gaming mice, but usually affects most gaming hardware due to how much usage they receive on a weekly basis.

Oils on your hand combined with constant friction can cause your gaming mouse to lose its coating and even become dirty. This doesn’t just make it look dirty, but actually negatively impacts the performance of the mouse as it could become slippery or sticky. Grip tape acts in the same way that a protective case does for your phone. It creates a barrier between your hand and the mouse to reduce the possibility of damage over time. 

All in all, Grip Tape is a wonderful addition to your favorite gaming mouse, and can help you to take on your favorite games with less hassle. When buying grip tape, one suggestion we have is to check the pattern pressed into it. Not all are made the same, but our unique design on our grip tape is based off of fan feedback from top communities.


Looking for Great Grip Tape for Your Fantech Aria?

If you’re looking to bring your Fantech Aria gaming mouse to the next level, then you should check out the Pro Grips! Our Pro Grips use a self-adhesive design, which decreases thickness and provides unparalleled performance.


  • Easily Applies Within Seconds
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