5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Gaming Mouse & Keyboard

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Gaming Mouse & Keyboard

You can play games with any computer keyboard and mouse. But should you? Why is it so important to get a gaming mouse and keyboard? Here’s 5 reasons!

While not all “gaming” products are truly aimed at gamers, a good gaming mouse and keyboard can make a world of difference in your favorite games.

Why You Should Buy a Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

All gaming mice and keyboards are not created equal. Aside from obvious things like the amount of keyboard keys, or the shape of a mouse, there’s a lot going on under the hood that makes a big difference. Whether it be the sensor, weight, durability, or more complicated things, proper gaming gear can give a big benefit over using standard or “office” style products when gaming.

An easy way to think about it is to compare it to daily driving cars versus high performance sports cars.

why you should buy get a gaming keyboard and mouse
Some gaming keyboards allow you to change the switches too!

A Good Gaming Keyboard Matters!

1) When using a gaming keyboard, one of the first things that comes to mind is “n-key rollover”, also known as “anti-ghosting”. This technology, which is usually featured in most if not all gaming keyboards, allows for all keys to be pressed simultaneously without stopping input. While you may not press all keys at the same time while gaming, it’s good to not have to worry about the input being canceled just because you pressed one more key.

2) Another thing to consider is the overall build quality and types of keys used on the keyboard. An inexpensive keyboard may be of poor quality, and may not even have mechanical keys. Mechanical keys are incredibly important as they allow for overall better response time and typing feel. Additionally, gaming keyboards will usually have 1000hz polling rate (which is pretty much the speed it communicates to your computer at), while office keyboards may be upwards to 4x slower. Gaming keyboards also tend to focus on comfort and ergonomics, compared to standard run-of-the-mill ones that may not.

3) Lastly, most gaming keyboards come with built-in RGB backlighting which is incredibly useful for when gaming at night, and looks pretty awesome as well. While this is a visual thing, it definitely makes your setup a lot more fun.

Fantech Aria XD7 Pro Gaming Mouse High-End Pixart 3395 Kailh Huano TTC Gold Egg Shape Mouse Gaming Computer grip tape why you should get buy gaming mouse keyboard
Our Award-Winning Aria gaming mouse!

A Good Gaming Mouse Also Matters!

Next up is your mouse! While an office mouse may be incredibly inexpensive and readily available, it’s not going to do you or your hands any wonders.

4) Generally speaking, gaming mice offer a plethora of tried-and-true benefits such as having a more comfortable shape, better sensor (better tracking performance), better switches & switch technology (better feel and response time), higher DPI (more accurate tracking), and more. As well as the shape of gaming mice tend to be more suitable for prolonged use without muscle strain.

5) These advantages all translate into better performance in games and a lot more comfortable time when doing so as well.

All of these benefits are incredibly difficult to summarize in one article. However, one of the biggest things holding gamers back in their games is the gear that they’re using. Outdated gear, or even gear that isn’t intended for gaming can lead to the harsh reality of losing many battles in your favorite games. There's other gaming gear like mouse bungees and high performance mouse pads that can make big differences as well.

Simply put, using gaming gear tends to lead to less hassle so you can focus on what matters - your games!


Looking for Some Awesome Gaming Gear?

If you’re looking to upgrade your setup and curious about experiencing why you should use a gaming mouse, check out our award-winning Fantech Aria gaming mouse!


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