Why an Ergonomic Office Chair is Important for Business

Why an Ergonomic Office Chair is Important for Business

Usually, office workers will spend a great deal of time sitting behind their computer desk. Here's why it's essential for employees to have a chair that is not only comfortable, but is also able to support proper posture too. An ergonomic office chair could make all the difference.

An ergonomic office chair can also be seen as an investment, not only for health but also for the benefit of the company.

Why a Good Ergonomic Office Chair Matters to Your Business

An ergonomic office chair could help employees in many different ways than just simply being comfortable. It's no secret that a comfortable employee may have less distractions, but there's other reasons to use proper chairs in the office as well!

1) Reduces Potential for Workplace Injury

The musculoskeletal system is one of the most important and most vulnerable parts of the body, and is affected by the stress and pressure caused by sitting for prolonged periods. Chairs that don’t provide proper support may lead to disorders, such as degenerated discs, hernias, curved necks and more. All of this results in pain and loss of flexibility.

Implementing proper ergonomics into the workplace is an essential factor in avoiding health issues as well as the costs that come with workplace injuries. In the US, work-related posture disorders cost the nation’s employers upwards of $54 Billion dollars each year in lost wages and productivity.

2) Improves Employee Productivity

It’s no secret that sitting comfortably can result in more positive feelings. By investing in ergonomic office chairs, you communicate to your workers that you care about their health and happiness. After all, employees notice when a company puts forth its best effort to make the work environment comfortable.

To put it easily, when workers go through a day without muscle tension, back pain or fatigue, they’re more likely to experience greater job satisfaction.

3) Improves Communication & Collaboration

Ergonomic office chairs provide comfort, and allow team members to move around the office with ease and freedom. This results in easier communication and collaboration between desks, so work can be accomplished more effectively. 

This also helps to create a professional image in your workplace, as office chairs that have suffered the test of time may look old and unprofessional. A new set of ergonomic chairs can also provide a positive impression to clients too. This is a surefire way to create a win-win environment for employees and clients.

4) What You Should Look for in an Office Chair

An office chair should be ergonomic, lightweight, easy to roll around, and also properly support both the lumbar and neck areas of the person sitting. Adjustable armrests, as well as height can provide a lot more convenience to tall employees as well. If you’re in a humid environment, an office chair with a mesh backing could reduce a lot of discomfort due to the breathable design. A good quality class-4 piston is also an important design element to look for as it ensure stability and safety.

Most importantly, finding a chair that is comfortable is important, as employees are likely to spend upwards of 8 or more hours in it every day. Not all ergonomic chairs are made alike, as some may feature different options, colors, and features aimed at different types of desk environments.


Looking for a Great Ergonomic Office Chair?

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