Why Aria Could Be Your Next Best Gaming Mouse

Why Aria Could Be Your Next Best Gaming Mouse

It’s no secret that when developing Aria, we went to the next level. From the overall design, the feel all the way to the specifications of this gaming mouse. Naturally, a lot of reviewers, testing labs and enthusiasts have given their independent opinions about it.

Let’s take a look at what trusted reviewers, independent labs and enthusiasts have said about the Fantech Aria Gaming Mouse!

TechPowerUp, Rtings, CowCotLand, GameReactor, and ProSettings Have All Shared Their Experiences!

With Aria, TechPowerUp (one of the web’s most trusted gadget sites) has given it the prestigious “Editor’s Choice” award, which is aimed towards the best of the best products. On top of that, the “Great Value” award was given as well due to Aria’s unmatched price-per-performance.

RTings, a trusted independent fact-based testing site, has given the Fantech Aria gaming mouse an incredibly high rating of 8.7 out of 10, noting the accurate DPI, low click delay, overall sensor performance and more.

ProSettings, a website dedicated to documenting the settings that professional e-sports players use, as well as reviewing gear, will be reviewing Aria soon.

CowCotLand, a french gadget review site has given Aria the prestigious “CowCot D’or” 5-star award, which is given to gaming products with the best-of-the-best capabilities, noting the great price, and overall performance.

fantech aria gaming mouse award cowcotland d'or french review

GameReactor, a Norwegian gaming review site has given the Fantech Aria an 8 out of 10 ranking, noting the great overall performance.

Furthermore, trusted YouTube reviewers such as Boardzy, TheTechne, Brandon Taylor, HausGaming, FreshReviews, Gen3DTech and more, have shared their incredible words and experience with the Fantech Aria.

All of these trusted reviews and experiences are exactly what we were hoping for. Our dream behind Aria was to develop a high-end gaming mouse that was not only accessible, but also feature-packed.

Additionally, to provide ongoing support to our fans, we’re currently developing transparent shells as well as glass skates for Aria, and doing Nvidia LDAT testing to ensure users get the best of the best experience.


Check Out the Fantech Aria Gaming Mouse!

If all of these awards, and experiences with Aria have gotten you interested, be sure to check out the Fantech Aria below! Aria is truly, not just in our words, an amazing gaming mouse that could be the next companion for your gaming setup.


  • PixArt 3395 Gaming Sensor
  • 59 Grams Super Lightweight Design
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • Kailh GM8.0 Switches
  • TTC Gold Scroll Wheel Encoder
  • Huano Black Shell White Dot Side Switches
  • Huano Black Shell Blue Dot Scroll Switch
  • No RGB!
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