What Is Gamepad Turbo Mode? How to Set Turbo on WGP13 & GP13!

What Is Gamepad Turbo Mode? How to Set Turbo on WGP13 & GP13!

If you recently purchased our Fantech WGP13 Wireless Gamepad or GP13 Wired Gamepad, you will notice a retro-inspired feature called "Turbo"!

This little button holds a big secret, and big power too! However, it's important to know when to use Turbo, and what it exactly can do to change your gameplay. In some cases, Turbo may be exactly what you need to push through a difficult boss battle, or annoying platforming section of a game.

You may be wondering; "What is Turbo Mode?" and "How to Use It?". Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Get ready for Turbo!

WGP13 Wireless Controller Turbo
WGP13 Wireless Controller

Turbo Mode - What is It? How to Use it? When to Use it?

Turbo is a feature that allows for one button press to do a repeated amount of actions. In other words, pressing or holding down the button that is activated under Turbo Mode, allows for the button to replicate pressing the same button over and over.

Unlike a traditional button press that can only do the intended action once, like jumping or punching in a game, Turbo allows for gamers to hold the button to jump or punch repeatedly. This makes it perfect for people that don’t wish to constantly have to mash the button to get their desired result. 

Not only does Turbo give you an edge over your games, but it also reduces the muscle strain and repetitive strain injuries, if caused by button mashing!

How to Set Turbo Mode on Fantech WGP13 & GP13

Setting the Turbo Mode on Fantech WGP13 and GP13 is quite easy, and could give gamers a competitive edge by allowing a button to act as the turbo button. Having one button repeatedly press itself to “spam inputs” could be the key to victory.

To set Turbo Mode on Fantech WGP13 and GP13 simply follow the steps are below:

As per the image above, to set Turbo Mode on your Fantech GP13 Wired Gamepad or WGP13 Wireless Gamepad, simply do the following steps:

1. Hold the TURBO button, then press another button that you want to assign.

2. To remove TURBO, hold the CLEAR button and then press the button that has Turbo Mode applied to it.

It's as simple as that! Turbo Mode is easily and quickly applied, and removed to keep you immersed in the game, without distractions!

Why Is Turbo Useful? Can Turbo Give You an Advantage?

Turbo Mode is useful as it allows gamers to simulate pressing a button at X amount per seconds, without actually doing so. This can give a competitive edge in some games, as well as making adventure or platforming games a little less tedious.

This could be incredibly useful for making handguns in FPS games to appear as a "fully automatic", without needing to constantly press the trigger button. Another example is in 2D platforming games, where quick and precise button inputs is necessary for frame perfect jumps. In this case, Turbo Mode could be incredibly useful.

When You Should NOT Use Turbo Mode!

Turbo Mode isn’t effective in a lot of fighting games, due to how they use button combinations to pull off special attacks, as well as on-the-fly reactions against an opponent. Additionally, Turbo Mode wouldn’t be useful in racing games or shooting games in most cases.

In these cases, Turbo Mode would cause issues, such as wasting ammo, missing attacks or not being able to use a special attack combination.

Ultimately, it is your choice on when to use Turbo Mode, and for which game as well as unique situation to use it in as well. We would suggest experimenting with the Turbo Mode, and of course, having fun!

Want to TURBO Your Gaming Experience?

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And don't forget... Get your game on and have fun!

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