What is Tri-Mode Connectivity & Why Does It Matter for Gaming Keyboards or Mice?

What is Tri-Mode Connectivity & Why Does It Matter for Gaming Keyboards or Mice?

In some gaming mice and keyboards, features such as wireless connectivity, and even “Dual Mode” (Wireless + Wired) connectivity are included. However, what is “Tri-Mode” connectivity and why is it important?

Let’s get to it! Here’s why Tri-Mode Connectivity is incredibly awesome and important to have in gaming mice and keyboards!

What is Tri-Mode Connectivity & Why Does It Matter?

Tri-mode connectivity, featuring Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz wireless, and USB options, is an essential feature for gaming mice and keyboards. This feature provides a seamless transition between devices, allowing you to use the device(s) in all types of situations, whether you're playing games or working on a project, or even being on-the-go with a laptop.

Tri-Mode connectivity allows users to connect their gaming mouse or keyboard to multiple devices on-the-fly. A great example of this is how you could connect a gaming mouse to a computer using 2.4Ghz, while having the mouse connected by Bluetooth to a laptop, and instantly switch between devices. 

What this results in, is the awesome ability to use your favorite keyboard or gaming mouse in any situation, without having to purchase another or substitute it with lesser-used hardware. This is great for gamers who get used to the shape and functionality of their mouse and keyboard, and don’t want to waste time, experience discomfort or even make mistakes when typing with other products in their workplace or at home. With Tri-Mode Connectivity, now your favorite mouse or keyboard can be your companion for anything you do with a computer.

Tri-mode connectivity also provides convenience for users who travel frequently. You don't need to carry separate devices for work and gaming. A single Tri-mode gaming mouse or keyboard can be used on all devices, no matter where you are.


Looking for an Gaming Mouse with Tri-Mode Connectivity?

Tri-mode connectivity is a crucial feature for gaming mice and keyboards, providing users with the versatility, convenience, and flexibility needed to use their devices in all types of situations. Whether you're working, gaming, or traveling, a Tri-mode gaming mouse or keyboard can meet your needs with ease. If you’re looking to experience a Tri-Mode gaming mouse and want to truly relax when working or gaming, then feel free to check out our Award-Winning Fantech Aria below!


  • PixArt 3395 Gaming Sensor
  • 59 Grams Super Lightweight Design
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • Kailh GM8.0 Switches
  • TTC Gold Scroll Wheel Encoder
  • Huano Black Shell White Dot Side Switches
  • Huano Black Shell Blue Dot Scroll Switch
  • No RGB!

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