What is a Gaming Mouse Paracord Cable?

What is a Gaming Mouse Paracord Cable?

A lot of mice on the gaming market still use wired connections, however, wired mice can easily become tangled, or even create cable drag which impacts performance in games. However, a growing trend, even in our mice, is to use a paracord cable! Now, you may be wondering what that is and why it is important.

A Paracord cable is truly the future of wired gaming mice!

What Is Paracord & Why Is It Used in Mouse Cables?

Paracord is typically a woven or nylon braided (not to be confused with traditional heavy braided cables) cable used in a variety of applications. Paracord became famous after being used in the military and rock climbing industries, and became known to be incredibly durable.

Paracord cables, when used on gaming mice, tend to be lighter than the standard mouse and braided cables. The lightweight design and flexibility allow for more freedom of movement, which translates into easier flicks and fast swipes when in game. In addition to the less weight, paracord also offers less “cable drag” than traditional cables, as Nylon has lower friction. When paired with a Mouse Bungee, the negative aspect of using a wired mouse virtually disappears for most users.

However, it is worth mentioning that not all wired gaming mice include a paracord cable, and not all paracord is alike. It’s important to make note of this when purchasing a new mouse, as a wireless mouse could still be lighter, or more freely moving.

Yet, if you use a wired mouse, or prefer using them, a mouse with a paracord cable and a separate mouse bungee could be one of the best setups you've ever experienced. As fans of gaming mice ourselves, we highly suggest checking them out to see if they can help remove any performance bottlenecks.


Looking for a Gaming Mouse With a Paracord Cable? Check This!

All in all, a gaming mouse with a paracord cable will be faster and more durable than one with a traditional rubber cable, in most cases. If you’re interested in checking out a mouse with a quality paracord cable, then take a look at our UX3V2 below!


  • PixArt PMW 3389 Gaming Sensor
  • Up to 400 IPS / 50G Acceleration
  • On-the-fly Adjustable DPI 400-16,000 DPI
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • KAILH GM 8.0  Switches
  • Low Profile RGB
  • 1.8m Paracord USB Cable

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