What is Thock in a Mechanical Keyboard?

What is Thock in a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical Keyboards have been gaining in popularity, among gamers and enthusiasts alike! One key feature that has become popular is the keyboards “thock”, but what is thock anyways?

We’ll break it down below!

What Is “Thock” and Why Do Keyboard Enthusiasts Love It?

Mechanical keyboards offer a satisfying tactile and auditory experience when typing, and can significantly improve typing accuracy and overall productivity. Not to mention they’re absolutely awesome to game with due to the n-key rollover, and increased overall typing feel when compared to membrane keyboards.

One particular sound, known as "thock" (or “Thocc”), has become a favorite among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts throughout the world.

So, what exactly is thock? Well, thock is the sound produced by a particular combination of switches, keycaps, as well as additional accessories (more on that in a bit), that create a deep, resonant and muted sound while typing. The sound is best described as a soft and low pitched sound that is quieter than the typical loud snapping sound created by some mechanical keyboards.


Thock is commonly sought after for keys that are larger than 1U, such as the Space Bar, Shift, and Enter keys. This is due to how these keys are more likely to create an annoying high-pitched sound compared to the normal 1U keys on a keyboard.

Essentially, the muted sound produced by thock is less obtrusive and disruptive than the typical clicking sound produced by other switches, making it a perfect choice for use in quiet environments such as offices or libraries. Additionally, some users will find that the “thockier” the keys are, the better they feel to actually type on, as they’ll feel cushioned in a sense.

The mission to obtain thock has also become so popular in the mechanical keyboard community that many enthusiasts have started to modify their keyboards specifically to achieve this sound. This includes using Poron or other types of foam, as well as keycap dampeners, and a whole plethora of other mods.

In other words, you should be getting your THOCK on!


Looking for a Mechanical Keyboard with THOCK?

Looking for a Mechanical Keyboard With Thock? If you are, feel free to check out our Fantech MAXFIT81 mechanical keyboard below! MAXFIT81 features an OLED screen, spacebar dampener, prelubed stabilizers, plate foam, case foam and more which all give that juicy THOCK feeling!


  • 75% Form Factor
  • Multi-Function Customizable OLED Display
  • Wireless (BT + Strikespeed Wireless) & Wired
  • Hot-swappable
  • South Facing PCB
  • Rotary Encoder Knob
  • Retro Frosted Transparent Case

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