Meet TAMAGO, the Wireless Headset for Wherever Life Takes You

Meet TAMAGO, the Wireless Headset for Wherever Life Takes You

Bringing your favorite music, games and movies on the go isn’t so easy as headsets typically are heavy, cumbersome, uncomfortable or even get hot after hours of usage. With our newest Fantech TAMAGO headset, we aimed to solve all of these problems.

Here’s the story of Fantech TAMAGO, and why we strived to create one of the most comfortable headsets.

Music & More On the Go with TAMAGO!

It’s no secret that mobile gaming, and other forms of mobile media like movies have become incredibly popular over the past few years. However, a large majority of headphones and headsets are still bulky, heavy, and even difficult to bring on the go.

Whether it be the long heavy duty cables, or the large form-factor, we’ve strived to break the mold and create a headset that’s actually easy.

Fantech Tamago is truly your perfect audio companion.
Bring your music with you and create your own story on-the-go with TAMAGO!

TAMAGO’s headset design features multiple weight saving elements, as well has a detachable microphone for easy carrying and use on-the-go, while retaining all of the comfort of our higher end headsets like MH91.

The name for TAMAGO was inspired by the on-the-go culture of metropolises around the world, and comes from the Japanese word for “egg”. TAMAGO’s egg-shaped ear cups are designed to naturally fit your ears for long periods of time without hassle. Perfectly aesthetic and perfectly comfortable.

Fantech Tamago WHG01 Perfect Comfort
With an ultra-lightweight build, wireless connectivity, TAMAGO is designed to ensure comfort, wherever you go.

WIth the Fantech TAMAGO, we believe that music listeners, movie watchers, and mobile gamers will be able fully surround themselves with high quality audio, without any of the hassle. Best of all, TAMAGO features built-in virtualized 7.1 surround sound, and the ultimate in connectivity options - BT5.0, STRIKESPEED Wireless & Wired.

No matter the device, no matter the content, no matter where life takes you - TAMAGO is the best companion.


Looking to Try One of the Most Lightweight Headsets - Go TAMAGO!

If you’re looking to get your hands on our incredibly lightweight TAMAGO headset and breathe new life into the world around you, feel free to check out below!


  • 168g Ultra-lightweight
  • Tri-mode Connectivity (StrikeSpeed™ Wireless, BT5.2, Wired Type-C)
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Surround Sound
  • Available in White and Black Color
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