The Story of MAXFIT81 - Our Next Level OLED Keyboard

The Story of MAXFIT81 - Our Next Level OLED Keyboard

It’s no secret that we’ve been teasing our next-level mechanical keyboard, MAXFIT81. Our MAXFIT81 mechanical keyboard was designed from the ground up based on feedback from fans and enthusiasts! Here's the story of MAXFIT81!

Experience a mechanical keyboard unlike any other, and get ready.

With MAXFIT81, We’re Giving Gamers & Enthusiasts Control at Their Fingertips.

For us as a company, MAXFIT81 is truly a next level keyboard. In terms of the gasket mount, the retro-inspired shell, the powerful OLED companion screen, hotswap and more. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot from the communities on Reddit as well as our fans about what it takes to create a truly great mechanical keyboard. We hope that all of the effort we’ve put into MAXFIT81 truly exceeds expectations. Here's the story of MAXFIT81 and why it could be the next biggest thing in your gaming and mech keeb arsenal.

As fans of the retro aesthetic, as well as being gamers who love mechanical keyboards, we wanted to listen to what the community had to say about our previous products. For that, we’re incredibly thankful for every lesson learned and all of the tips that both gamers and keyboard enthusiasts alike gave us. It's been a journey for sure, but we've finally reached the top of the mountain. Lets go!

MAXFIT81 MK910 Customizable Function OLED Display what rotary encoder knob
MAXFIT81's OLED screen allows for GIFs, PNGs and other important info to be shown at a glance!

MAXFIT81 isn’t just an ordinary mechanical keyboard. There’s a lot more “under the hood” (we love this word), which sets it apart from other brands.

When it comes to MAXFIT81, the biggest game-changer is the easy to use customizable OLED screen, which was inspired by fans and implemented through many hours of development meetings. It’s no secret that OLED screens have become the perfect companion for keyboards, and the endless options for GIFs, PNGs and other information that can be displayed are crucial for not only having a fun time, but also help to create a powerful experience. Mech keyboards with OLED screens have taken Reddit's Mechanical Keyboard communities by storm due to the amount of customization, but have largely been an enthusiast-only level product with limited availability, which we aim to solve.

Whether it be the rotary encoder knob, the easy to use software, the retro transparent case, case lighting, proper soundproofing foam, or even the OLED screen, we’ve strived to break boundaries.

MAXFIT81 Frost Wireless MK910 Modular Mechanical Keyboard
Retro is the new modern cool!

MAXFIT81 also features our signature “tri-mode” wireless, cable of connecting via BT5.0, Wireless 2.4GHz and even wired USB. Plus, it’s got south-facing hotswap sockets so you can truly create an experience that’s tailored to your liking. Never worry about a switch suddenly dying as it can be easily replaced within seconds, saving hassle and time.

Simply put, a great gaming or enthusiast mechanical keyboard should be able to handle any task or demand you need of it. No matter if you’re handling media, design, gaming, or just want a premium experience, MAXFIT81 has got you covered.

That’s MAXFIT81. Designed from fan feedback, implemented by Fantech.


Meet MAXFIT81, Not Just an Ordinary Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re looking to seriously bring your gaming or keyboard enthusiasm to the next level, then check out our Fantech MAXFIT81 mechanical keyboard. MAXFIT81’s specifications and features as well as the incredibly amazing price could make it the next best companion for your setup. As always, we didn’t cut any corners when trying our hand at creating something truly amazing.

Many thanks to everyone who’s helped us along our journey to create breathtaking products.


  • 75% Form Factor
  • Multi-Function Customizable OLED Display
  • Wireless (BT + Strikespeed Wireless) & Wired
  • Hot-swappable
  • South Facing PCB
  • Rotary Encoder Knob
  • Retro Frosted Transparent Case
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