Speed vs Control Mouse Pads - Which is the Best?

Speed vs Control Mouse Pads - Which is the Best?

When upgrading your gaming gear, a mouse pad is one of the things that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. This is especially the case as as simple as a mouse pad can be, they’re all definitely not the same as each other. Two main variants on the market that exist are Speed Mouse Pads and Control Mouse Pads. You may wonder, which is the best?

Well, this isn’t such an easy answer, but we’ll break it down for you as best as we can. The decision largely comes down to personal preference, as well as the games you play.

With all this said, we definitely don’t suggest buying a mouse pad just because it looks cool, or has an interesting design on it, unless you’re looking for a desk mat. If you're looking for a desk mat, then we would suggest choosing one that is comfortable and matches your design, as they're more focused on style than performance. One great recommendation for this is our ATO series, which features Japanese-inspired designs!

Speed vs Control Mouse Pads - Key Differences

Speed Mouse Pads

Speed type mouse pads give gamers quick, low-friction surfaces allowing for fast aim and reaction time. Usually designed with a smooth texture to prevent friction. Primarily designed to give effortless glide, these fast pads truly get the job done.

Benefits of Speed Pads:

  • Gives really great speed
  • Low-Friction surface provides a bit more hand and finger comfort in our opinion
  • Lower noise than Control pads (in some cases)

Downsides of Speed Pads:

  • Not nearly as accurate as Control Pads
  • Can feel like “walking on ice”
  • May be a bit too uncontrollable, depending on your play style and gaming mouse

Control Mouse Pads

Control pads are designed to focus on precision and accuracy, and usually have a rough texture. Great for gamers who focus on precise movements while gaming, as they're designed with medium-to-high friction surfaces.

Benefits of Control Pads:

  • Can give an unparalleled amount of accuracy and precision
  • Perfect for lighter mice, if gamers want more control

Downsides of Control Pads:

  • Depending on the material, control mouse pads can be loud
  • May scratch PTFE mouse skates
  • Can make heavier gaming mice feel even heavier
  • Can be a bit rough on your palm or fingers that aren’t on the mouse

Which Mouse Pad is best for you?

Choosing a control mouse pad or a speed mouse pad can be a pretty daunting task. However, it's best to choose the pad that fits your play style. If you like fast paced games that don't require pin-point accuracy (or if you're good at correcting your aim), try a speed pad. If you prefer more accuracy and your games will definitely benefit from it, then try a control pad. It is worth mentioning that not every speed or control pad is designed the same, as there are a variety of surfaces available for each type. It's best to research to see which exact pad is the best for you.

It is really that simple. Keep in mind that you should clean your mouse pad as frequently as possible to ensure the performance isn't hampered by dirt or dust! Cleaning your mouse pad can easily make it as good as new, and give you a fighting edge against your opponents!


Looking to try an awesome mouse pad that gives speed and control?

If you’re looking to try a mouse pad that gives both the benefits of a speed mouse pad as well as a control mouse pad, take a look at our Fantech AGILE MP903! MP903 features our speedsilk fabric, which gives unparalleled performance, and is designed with moisture resistance to ensure it performs great over the long-term!


  • Water-Resistant SPEEDSILK Surface
  • Scientifically Engineered for Maximum Performance
  • Non-Friction Impacting Water-Resistant Coating
  • Anti-Fray Edge Stitching
  • Anti-slip base
  • XL Deskmat Type
  • Size: 900*400*3mm