What Are Pre-Lubed Mechanical Keyboard Switches & Why Are They Great?

What Are Pre-Lubed Mechanical Keyboard Switches & Why Are They Great?

Not all mechanical keyboards are alike! Some may have standard Cherry Blue or Red switches, while some may have magical “pre-lubed” switches. What are pre-lubed switches and why do enthusiasts love them? Well, now it’s time to find out!

In this article, we will explore the importance of lubricated switches and why people like to use them.

What are Pre-Lubed Switches & Why Do Enthusiasts Like Them?

It is important to understand what a lubricated switch is. Essentially, a lubricated switch has had a lubricant applied to its internal components, during the manufacturing process. Previously, lubrication was added by hand by the end-user, and still is in many cases as not all switches are pre-lubed. If you’re looking for a switch that sounds and feels great “out of the box”, then pre-lubed switches are perfect for you.

This lubrication helps to reduce friction and wear on the parts of the switch, which results in a smoother or quieter typing experience. Without lubrication, switches can feel scratchy or gritty, which will cause them to sound unpleasant and loud. This is definitely a desirable feature for those who use their keyboard in shared spaces or quiet environments!

Mechanical Keyboard enthusiasts like to use lubricated switches for a variety of reasons, such as the enhanced typing feel or sound, as well as just the smoothness of the typing experience itself. We definitely recommend trying these if you're looking to level up the feeling or lower the sound when typing on a mechanical keyboard!


Looking for an Mechanical Keyboard with Pre-Lubed Switches?

All in all, pre-lubed switches like Gateron Milky Yellow are perfect for users looking to get a great typing feel and sound without having to go through the hassle of modifying each switch by hand. If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard with pre-lubed Gateron Milky Yellow switches, then look no further as our award-winning Fantech MAXFIT67 is an absolute banger!


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  • 65% Form Factor
  • South Facing PCB
  • Rotary Encoder Knob
  • Wireless (BT + 2.4ghz) & Wired
  • Gateron Hotswap Sockets
  • Kailh Box White / Pre-Lubed Gateron Milky Yellow Switches
  • DYE-SUB PBT Keycaps
  • Includes plate foam & tray foam