Fantech Online Gaming Store Now Live!

Fantech Online Gaming Store Now Live!

At Fantech, for years, we’ve been providing gamers around the world with awesome gaming gear to assist them during their gaming adventures. Now, we’ve leveled up! With the launch of our Aria gaming mouse, we’re also happy to announce the launch of our online web store!

Our online store is one of the best places to get Fantech gaming gear! Best of all, it's right on our site!

Fantech Online Store - Gaming Gear, At Your Fingertips!

Our store is designed to give better product availability to our customers! We at Fantech have received the call from gamers all around the world to provide our Aria, and other gaming mice to them. And because of them, this has now become a reality!

In our online store, gamers can buy our amazing gaming mice, gaming keyboards, headsets, and more! Everything gamers need, built-by gamers, to power up their gaming adventures.

We want to give a big shout out to all of our fans who have supported us, and love our gaming products that we design. At Fantech, we really want to shake the gaming products market, and help gamers to see that a great product doesn't have to break the bank.

Humble pricing, from day one, forever. That's what we strive, as we firmly believe that gamers shouldn't have to overpay for quality gaming gear.


Meet Aria, One Of Our Best Gaming Mice!

Our next level mouse, Aria was designed around the feedback of gamers! Aria is designed to be super-lightweight at 59 grams, and has tri-mode connectivity with BT5.0, 2.4GHz Wireless and Wired modes! Best of all, it features the best sensor currently in the industry, with adjustable debounce time and more.

Aria not only uses some of the best specifications on the market, but is designed to be comfortable and usable by many gamers, regardless of games.


  • PixArt 3395 Gaming Sensor
  • 59 Grams Super Lightweight Design
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • Kailh GM8.0 Switches
  • TTC Gold Scroll Wheel Encoder
  • Huano Black Shell White Dot Side Switches
  • Huano Black Shell Blue Dot Scroll Switch
  • No RGB!

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