How to Improve Your KD in Valorant, Warzone & More FPS Games!

How to Improve Your KD in Valorant, Warzone & More FPS Games!

Looking for how to improve your K/D ratio in games like Warzone, Valorant and more? Look no further! Kills and Deaths are incredibly important in popular FPS games as a way of not only measuring your overall score but as well as how much you contribute to your team too. Here's how!

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How to Instantly Improve Your Aim in FPS Games!

1. Know Your Weapons or Character Skills

In standard FPS games, it’s incredibly important to find out which guns and attachments are your “go to”, in other words, the weapons that work perfectly for your play style. This can take a bit of time, so it’s important to try both in the shooting range (if the game of choice has one), as well as in standard matches.

If you’re playing a hero shooter, it is equally important to know the ults/special abilities as well as the overall movement characteristics that the hero you’re playing has in their repertoire. 

2. Find the Crosshair and Sens that Work for You

One of the biggest mistakes a gamer can make is to just jump into the game using the default settings. A custom crosshair, whether the size, shape or color, is usually available in the game’s settings.

One other key point is “sens”, also known as sensitivity. If you’re already a seasoned FPS gamer, then you can use an online converter to find the appropriate sens to set. However, if you’re new to FPS games, then we advise using the default settings and fine-tuning them step by step while in-game until you find one that is just right for you.

3. Learn Recoil & Spray Patterns

Guns are the backbone of FPS games, and how they perform can make or break you. Each game has a variety of weapons, and each weapon has its own spray pattern and recoil.

Don’t know what these terms mean? No problem! Spray pattern refers to the pattern that bullets make when the weapon is shot, while recoil refers to the direction/pattern that the weapon moves when shot.

Take some time to go through every weapon either in-game or in the shooting range and get used to the real and memorize what the spray patterns are. Doing this will help greatly by giving an insight on which weapon benefits your play style, and how your weapon is performing in the heat of battle.

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4. Watch the Radar/Mini Map

Most FPS games have a mini-map or radar, usually located in the bottom left or top right corner of the screen. While it isn’t necessary to watch this at all times (and you shouldn’t), these can be very precise indicators of what is exactly happening in the match that you’re playing. Most guns make noise, and will give away the enemies location on the radar/mini-map, to which you can use for getting the drop on them!

If you prefer to not look at the mini-map, then be sure to focus on auditory reminders such as gunshots, teammate call outs and gamesense to know where to go.

5. Train Your Aiming

If you find that you’re doing fine on all other fronts, but are looking to improve your ability to track enemy movements while shooting, then you should definitely take some time to aim train! For more information on how to do this, check out our article HERE.

Building up the muscle memory for tracking and targeting enemies in your favorite games is incredibly important. We suggest using Aim Lab or KovaaK's.

6. Watch the Pros

A great way to learn some awesome spots on the map to camp or get the drop on your enemies as well as learning general tips is to watch game gameplay from the pros! Watching other players and pros is not only a great way to get inspiration, but will also show you how other people are playing.

The more you know, the more you’ll benefit.

7. Upgrade Your Gaming Gear

Upgrading to better gaming gear is incredibly important if your current gear is holding you back. Whether it be from an outdated mouse sensor, old keyboard switches, or even a muddy mousepad. As gamers evolve, so does gaming gear, which means your competition could be easily out-gear you and out-perform you. Getting high quality gaming gear can often mean less input delay, and even better all-around performance.

You may even need to clean your gaming gear while you're at it.


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