How to Get Started with Livestreaming for Gaming!

How to Get Started with Livestreaming for Gaming!

Getting started with livestreaming your favorite games can be a bit of a daunting task. The decorating, the gaming gear, the games, and ideas can be a bit tricky for sure. Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered with our awesome Fantech tips!

In this guide we not only tackle the type of gear you should use, but also some tips on getting it all set up and running great! There’s a bit of things to cover, so let’s jump right into it!

How to Livestream Your Favorite Games - Our Tips for Success

Make a Plan

Before buying any gear, it’s important to have a plan. Don’t get too excited by all the awesome gadgets that people use when streaming as ultimately, the persona and type of content you make is what will get you an audience. The gear you use is secondary to that.

First, think about which platform you wish to stream on as there are a lot of popular ones like Twitch or YouTube. Each has a different requirement for upping your status, types of livestreamers, rules and more.

Next, think about your plan. Do you want to use a “face cam” (showing your face), or just streaming your games directly? Do you need a high-end microphone? Do you need another monitor for your chat window? Is your gaming hardware powerful enough to handle streaming and your games at the same time? Do you want to stream a game console instead of your PC? This list goes on and on, but these are good things to keep in mind.

Lastly, consider the software options on the market. Primarily, streamers use OBS or Streamlab. OBS has a bit more of a traditional front-end but is less taxing on hardware, while Streamlab is a bit more user friendly in our opinion. This is a bit important, as these streaming softwares allow you to actually manage your chat, add on icons on-screen, notifications, video settings and more. Try both if unsure.

Get the Gear

For livestreaming, a few different pieces of gear to add to your gaming setup will really make it a lot more appealing for your audience.

Here’s our suggestions:

  • High quality microphone: This is useful as your audience is going to hear you do a lot of talking. No need to purchase an expensive sound card, as USB Condenser microphones like our Fantech Leviosa MCX01 are perfect for this.
  • Quality webcam: A webcam is essentially for really captivating your audience. If you’re comfortable being on camera, we suggest starting with a high-resolution but inexpensive camera such as our Fantech Luminous C30 webcam.
  • Capture Card (Optional): Having a capture card is the best way to stream your favorite consoles like PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch into Twitch and other streaming sites. Best of all, they can be directly set up in OBS or Streamlabs too. For this, we recommend a good option like our Fantrech AC3003 Capture Card.
  • Gaming Chair (Optional): Having a good chair is important to not only give the aesthetic of gaming to your audience, but is also great for supporting you comfortably during long gaming sessions. For this, we recommend a comfortable chair such as our Fantech GC-283 with Cold Cure Memory Foam.
  • LED Lighting (Optional): LED lighting is a great and inexpensive way to bring your gaming area to “life”, when you’re using a webcam. This allows your setup to be more attractive to watch for longer periods of time, which results in higher views. For this, we recommend checking out your Fantech Smart Life series of products which includes smart RGB LED strips and more, which are even controllable via voice or your smart phone, so you can stay in the game easily.
  • Microphone Boom Arm (Optional): Having your microphone being closer to your face is important as it not only helps to isolate your voice from the sounds of your keyboard or computer fans, but is also beneficial as a good quality microphone in a boom arm definitely gives a professional serious look to your livestream.
  • Gaming Desk: Because why not? In all seriousness, some gaming desks do come with some nice accessories such as a built-in headset stand or cup-holder. For this, we suggest our GD-814 rising gaming desk.

Get Streaming!

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun. Get your gear, and your plan together and stick with it. Don’t be discouraged if your views are low when starting out as broadcasting gameplay live is much different than making a video and putting it on YouTube.

It’s important to stay happy, stay focused and stay in the game. It's also okay to take breaks when tired, or when planning. Another great suggestion is to have another social media account like twitter where you can communicate with your fans when not livestreaming as well.


Some Amazing Gaming Gear to Start Your Streaming Journey!

Once you've got your plan together, getting some great gaming gear can really spice up your livestreams and help you along your journey to becoming the best streamer in the world. Check out these awesome products that we recommend to start with, below.


  • RGB Illumination
  • USB Interface
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern


  • 2K Quad HD (QHD)
  • 4MP Camera
  • 106 Degree Angle Ultra Wide Lens
  • Build-in Microphone
  • 360 Degree Rotating base


  • Premium design, created for gamers
  • Class-4 Hydraulic Pistons for extreme stability
  • Ergonomically designed to for comfort
  • Multiple colors to match your gaming setup!