How to Prevent Wrist Pain When Using a Gaming Mouse

How to Prevent Wrist Pain When Using a Gaming Mouse

Let’s get right into the straight facts. Being a gamer is fun, sometimes easy, and sometimes absolutely frustrating. And if you’re experiencing any type of pain or discomfort when doing so, those exciting moments easily become tiring. Preventing pain is incredibly important.

Worst of all, repetitive movement of any kind will eventually cause soreness, muscle tiredness and eventually pain. However, you can prevent this with just a few easy steps.

5 Ways to Prevent & Avoid Wrist Strain / Pain When Gaming

When gaming, you are as good as the skills you possess and the focus that you can put into the game itself. In other words, practice is incredibly important and removing distractions is as well. Whether you’re a gaming professional or just someone that does it as a hobby, ensuring that you can get the most out of your gaming sessions is important.

After all, those flick shots and amazing clutch moments do tend to take their toll on your wrist. Even if you have a mousepad with wrist support, or a wrist rest for your keyboard, pain can still happen over time.

Please note that the 5 methods below are not clinical advice in any way, and if you’re experiencing wrist pain, then it is always good to also visit a doctor to ensure you’re functioning as well as your computer hopefully is.

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Proper ergonomics and hardware is key.

1. Proper Hardware Is Important

Hardware that is otherwise designed well, but isn’t suitable for you, isn’t going to be the best for you. A mouse that is too small for your hands is bound to cause discomfort just like a pair of shoes that is too big would. Similarly, being too heavy handed with your mouse or keyboard (especially when typing) can cause strain as well.

If this is the case for you, the best solution is to research which type of mouse will properly fit your hands and grip style.

2. Ergonomics and Posture, Don’t Overlook These!

Poor ergonomics are one of the main reasons why gamers develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Carpal Bossing or other wrist related issues. To tackle wrist pain, and pain in other areas as well, it’s important to ensure proper posture when gaming at your computer.

Here’s some tips to help ensure proper comfort when gaming.

Mouse: Make sure your mouse fits your hand size and grip style. If not, it may be worth trying a new mouse or grip style.

Keyboard: Generally speaking, it’s always a great idea to use a wrist rest when gaming. Just keep in mind that not all wrist rests are the same, so it’s good to do research before buying.

Gaming Chair & Desk: It’s always a great idea to ensure your chair is appropriate for what you’re doing in it. Opt for a gaming chair or office chair, instead of a household chair that doesn’t provide ergonomics. Ensure the armrests on the chair can adjust to the height of your desk, so your arms can be comfortable for long periods of time.

Take a break when needed!

3. Take Breaks (We’re all guilty of not doing this enough)

When gaming for long periods of time, it is incredibly important to take a break. While this may interrupt your gaming for a brief moment, it can give you a lot better results and comfort in the long run. For every 45 minutes of gaming, take a 15 minute break to help your back, legs, wrist, shoulders and eyes rest. 

All work and no play may make Jack a dull boy, but gaming without a break will cause discomfort.

4. Stretching!

You read that correctly. Stretching isn’t just for workouts. Using your wrists, arms and shoulders for long periods of time will lead to strain. Just like walking for too long will make your legs tired, gaming for too long will make your wrists tired too.

It’s important to stretch carefully and properly, so take your time when doing it. You can do it at the same time as when you take breaks too, to make it easier.

5) Wrist Exercises

This may seem a bit odd at first, but exercising your wrist will not only cut down on discomfort, but can actually make you stronger as well. If you’re gaming for long periods, your wrist will be doing the same repetitive motion for hours on end, so it’s important to exercise it properly during and afterwards to ensure comfort and a good range of motion.


Everyone is Different, But Great Gaming Products Benefit Everyone

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