How to Use Leviosa Live MCX02

How to Use Leviosa Live MCX02

Looking up to upgrade your live streaming setup while keeping your desk tidy and avoiding all the hassle of a sound card? We’ve got you covered!

Fantech Leviosa Live features many things available in traditional sound card based setups, while being as easy to use as a normal microphone! With Leviosa Live, you can easily monitor your voice, apply echo, instantly quiet all background noise, share music or sing over music with friends, and even easily give announcements to your audience!

Communicating with your friends, audience and more, has never been so easy. With Leviosa Live, it is as easy as the push of a button.

Leviosa Live MCX02 Smart Microphone


At just one push of a button, users can easily fine tune their voice to their audience, without all the hassle.

Leviosa Live features 4 face buttons which are reminiscent of a game controller, which we’ve designed with gamers and other users in mind. Using the future below, live streamers, podcasters, and gamers can level up their experience:

Sound Monitoring - Check your sound levels before going live

When streaming, gaming, podcasting and more, it is important to know if your voice is loud enough for your audience to hear you, but not too loud to avoid distracting them. With traditional microphone setups, this can be a bit troublesome for users, as properly mixing your voice, monitoring (what you hear), and echo can be a big hassle.

With Leviosa Live, that hassle is gone! Here’s how.

Simply push the button with the microphone icon; once, twice or 3 times for the desired mode blow:

Pink LED: Easily adjust the microphone volume by using the dial.

Purple LED: Easily adjust the headphone monitoring (if you have headphones connected to Leviosa Live), by using the dial.

Yellow LED: Adjust the amount of echo by turning the dial.

Active Noise Cancelling - Instantly quiet all background noise in your room or studio

When streaming, gaming, podcasting or giving any type of live vocals, background noise can be a real annoyance. There’s nothing worse than recording something and then realizing that it’s all ruined because of a loud neighbor or your computer making noise. In traditional setups, expensive soundproofing material is needed to make your recording environment “noise free”, but this isn’t necessary with Leviosa Live!

To instantly quiet all background noise, simply push the right side button with the “signal” icon! It’s as easy as that!

Music Sharing & Mute - Easily sing over your favorite songs, or share music with friends, and even mute for privacy!

Leviosa Live features a unique “music sharing” mode that allows users to easily share music with friends, and even sing over the music! This is incredibly useful when singing or rapping on Discord or Twitch, as it eliminates the need for a laggy music bot, or expensive sound cards! No lag, no hassle, all fun!

Simply tap the bottom button with the “crossed microphone” button once to instantly mute your mic, and tap it again to start sharing your music and voice to your audience! 

Ducking Mode - Easily lower the volume of music or in-game audio to give announcements to your audience

By ducking mode, we’re not talking about an animal! With this mode, any background music or in-game audio will “duck” below your voice, and allow you to speak easily to your audience without having to manually lower the volume! In a nutshell, this makes life much easier by keeping the process as hands-free as possible, and allows you to focus on your audience. 



Now that you’ve unlocked all the potential of the Leviosa Live, use it as your ultimate weapon when live streaming, gaming, podcasting and more! Interacting with your audience has never been so easy, and hassle-free!

Looking to find out more about Leviosa Live? Check the link below!


  • Smart All-in-One Studio Solution
  • Mobile & PC USB Interface
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Noise Canceling & Audio Sharing