How to Clean Your Gaming Mouse

How to Clean Your Gaming Mouse

It’s time to face the harsh reality. Are you ready? Your hands are probably the dirtiest things in your room. This means, unfortunately, your gaming mouse is also incredibly dirty. Whether its from sweat, oils, skin cells, food or other unmentionables, it’s time to clean your gaming mouse. 

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you exactly how to clean your mouse, so you can have it looking and feeling as good as day one! This guide could be one of the most useful tools to keeping you winning at your favorite games. Easy, simple and useful.

how to Clean your gaming mouse
Here's how to clean your gaming mouse!

How to Clean Your Gaming Mouse

What You Will Need to Clean Your Gaming Mouse

  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Paper Towel
  • Toothpick
  • Clean Cloth
  • A trash can

Unlike our guide on how to clean your mechanical keyboard, cleaning a mouse is a lot easier, and doesn’t use any water.

1) Unplug your mouse and clear your desk/cleaning area

It’s important to not break your mouse while cleaning it. So unplug it from your computer. If it’s wireless, remove the battery or turn the mouse off. Clearing your desk off can help prevent any of the dirt from getting stuck in your mouse pad.

2) Position the trash can beneath your desk

This will greatly help you to brush off any dirt from your desk with the left-over paper towel. Keeping your desk clean is also a great way to keep your mouse clean!

3) Use the toothpicks to get into all the hard-to-reach areas of the mouse

Use your toothpicks to clean in between the mouse skates, side buttons, design grooves, etc. You’ll probably notice that a lot of really disgusting powdery substance comes out. That’s ALL from you. Be happy as you’ll be getting your mouse back in the way it should be, and making it more sanitary too!

4) Use those alcohol wipes to clean down the mouse!

Use your alcohol wipes that you prepared to clean any oil, grease, dirt, grime, skin cells, unmentionables, etc off of the computer mouse. Do this gently, but thoroughly. If you’re using a wireless gaming mouse, be extremely careful to not get any alcohol into the battery compartment.

It goes without mentioning to NOT use water in this case, unless you’re extremely careful and alcohol wipes aren’t readily available. If you use water, make sure it’s slightly soapy and allow the mouse to fully air-dry for a few hours afterwards.

5) Make sure everything is dry and plug your gaming mouse back in!

For this last step, it is incredibly crucial that your mouse is completely dry before connecting it to the computer again. Allow it to air-dry for a few hours before doing this step.

6) Clean up the mess

Now for the easy clean up. Use that clean cloth to wipe down your mouse, and then use it to push all of the dirt that you removed into the trash can. Done!

After cleaning, you can use your gaming mouse again, and make your competition feel your true gaming power. Keeping your gear in the tip-top shape is the best way of destroying your competition in your favorite games! Gear up and win!


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