How to Clean Your Gaming Desk

How to Clean Your Gaming Desk

As gamers, it is really easy to spend countless hours having fun at your gaming desk. Whether you’re just gaming or even watching movies, your desk could end up being extremely dirty. Here is exactly how to clean your gaming desk!

Because of course, every gaming desk should not only be awesome, but it should perform awesome too!

Best of all? It's easy! With these steps below, as well as applying them on a regular basis, your gaming setup will truly turn heads.

how to clean gaming desk
Here's how to clean your gaming desk, and to keep it clean!

How to Clean Your Gaming Desk or Battlestation (and keep it clean!)

What You Will Need to Clean Your Gaming Desk & Battlestation Area

  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Disinfectant / Alcohol
  • Soap & Water (For your hands!)


1) Remove the clutter from your desk

The first step is to tidy all of the clutter off of your desk. This includes paperwork, snacks, wrappers, packaging, etc. All of that paperwork, which may have been useful yesterday, can easily harbor dust, dirt, bacteria and allergens. 

This is a useful time to remove all everything that isn’t necessary off of your desk. Your mouse, keyboard, and other useful accessories should be the only things that remain.

2) Get dusting!

A gaming desk, or even an office desk, can easily get dusty. For this, it’s easy to use a damp microfiber cloth or tissue, and wipe down all of your desk. 

When it comes to wiping down computer components such as your monitor casing, you can use glasses cleaner, or alcohol. However, it’s best to use some type of mild disinfectant such as alcohol as this will actually remove any bacteria as well. Just be careful to not use alcohol on anything that could be sensitive to it.

3) Disinfect (If You Haven’t Done So)

Use that alcohol that you prepared earlier, and disinfect your gaming table. Even if you’ve done it once, it never hurts to do it again. The cleaner the setup, the better. 

Take your time when doing this so as to clean all the hard to reach places as well.

4) Keep Your Hands Clean

It may come as a surprise, but your hands are actually pretty great (or well, bad) at carrying not only gaming gear, but viruses and bacteria as well.

Before gaming, it is best to wash your hands thoroughly, which will help keep your desk clean in the long run. Avoid rubbing your eyes or touching your face, especially if you’re using a shared desk space.

5) Snacks Could Be a Big Risk

Snacking while gaming is a great way to enjoy your games, however, they can easily cause a lot of issues. Crumbs, or food spills could attract ants or other bugs, and can even cause a bacterial build up.

If you absolutely must eat at your desk, you should give it a thorough cleaning afterwards. The best part of this, is that your desk will look awesome too.

6) Want to keep your gaming desk clean?

Just apply these steps on a regular basis! We suggest doing it about once every week or two, depending on your environment and personal habits.


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