How to Clean Your Gaming Chair

How to Clean Your Gaming Chair

Sitting in comfort while gaming is one of life’s best luxuries, but sitting for too long can cause soreness and distractions. This is especially the case when not sitting in a quality gaming chair, and can be worsened by one that is dirty! So, here is how to clean your gaming chair!

It’s quite easy to clean your chair, and just requires a few household materials. Be sure to do it thoroughly to keep your gaming chair looking as good as new!

How to clean gaming chair
Here's how to clean your gaming chair!

How to Clean Your Gaming Chair!

What You Will Need to Clean Your Gaming Chair

  • Clean Cloth
  • Warm Water
  • Paper Towels
  • Alcohol Wipes (Optional for disinfecting certain parts)

Best of all, it's really easy!

1) Locate the dirty areas of your chair

It’s important to check your gaming chair for specific areas that need a bit of extra cleaning. While it’s good to clean your entire chair, the castors (wheels), as well as the armrests and seat cushioning tend to be the dirtiest or dustiest areas. This is because they have the most contact with either you, or the floor. While this may seem tricky, especially with a heavy chair, it really isn't!

2) Gather your cleaning items

Once you’ve located the dirty areas of your chair, prepare some warm water, as well as paper towels and a clean cloth. You can also use alcohol wipes to help clean the wheels and armrests, if they’re a hard material.

3) It’s time to get cleaning!

Take the clean cloth and dip it into the warm water. Wring out any of the excess water, and wipe down the hydraulic area and wheel mount area. Next, use the alcohol wipes to clean off the wheels more as they can be a bit more dirty than other parts, as well as the armrests if they are a firm material. If the armrests are a soft cushion material, it’s best to use the clean damp cloth to clean them as well. Do the same for the cushioning area too. 

For cleaning the castors (wheels), you can either put the wet cloth between the wheels and roll them over it, or lift the chair by one leg and rub the dirt off. Just be a little careful as some chairs can be heavy.

Be sure to clean the cloth that you’re using off frequently too, to make sure you’re not using a dirty cloth to clean your gaming chair with.

4) Now, clean the lumbar and/or neck support

If your gaming chair has lumbar or neck support that has a removable cover, simply unzip them and put the covers in the washing machine. Wash them with cold water, just like you would with any other sensitive clothing. This ensures that the cushion covers that are near your face and the ones that go against your back are sanitary. After washing it, hang dry it. We suggest not using a dryer because it could shrink the material.

5) Dry off your gaming chair

Now, it’s time to dry off your gaming chair. To do this easily, and to remove any extra grime, use the paper towels that you prepared earlier. Make sure your gaming chair is entirely dry before sitting on it again as excess moisture could damage the material that it is made out of. This can be done with the paper towels or letting it air dry.

6) Get your game on!

That’s it! You’re finished! Now, it’s time to get back to gaming without distractions! Any time your gaming chair gets dirty, just follow these steps again!


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