How to Clean Your Game Controller

How to Clean Your Game Controller

A gamepad or controller can be your best friend when gaming, if you don’t like to use a gaming mouse. However, an oily or dirty controller can be a nightmare! We’ve all been in this situation before, where your thumb slips off of the analog stick midgame. Well, here is how to clean your gaming controller!

Making sure all of your gaming gear is clean is incredibly important. When done correctly, it can easily extend the life of your gear, as well as your own health, and makes gaming more enjoyable! One of our best recommendations is simply to keep your gaming gear clean.

Best of all? It’s really easy!

how to clean your game controller.
Here's how to clean your game controller!

How to Clean Your Game Controller or Gamepad!

What You Will Need to Clean Your Game Controller or Gamepad

  • Tooth Picks
  • Paper Towels
  • Alcohol Wipes (Optional for disinfecting certain parts)

Best of all, it's really easy!

1) Unplug / Power off your game controller 

This is a crucial first step, to ensure your gamepad or controller doesn’t get damaged in any way. If it’s wireless like our WGP13, be sure that it is powered off or that the batteries are removed. If you're unsure how to power off a controller with a rechargeable battery, just hold the HOME button for a few seconds.

2) Use the toothpicks to get to the hard to reach areas of the gamepad

Use your toothpicks to clean in between the edges of the controller, as well as the buttons. Depending on your exact game controller, there may be other parts that you need to do this to as well. During this, you may notice a lot of powdery substance, simply wipe it away. Wondering exactly what that is? It's dead skin cells mixed with oil and sweat. This is exactly why cleaning your gaming equipment is important.

3) Use the Alcohol Wipes!

Now, this is the fun part! Use the alcohol wipes to clean the analog sticks, buttons, grips, and other parts of the game controller. Do this until the controller is completely clean. Depending on how much dirt there is, this may take a bit of time. However, you will see your gamepad come back to “life”! Keep in mind that most analog sticks have a rubberized coating, so it's important to be careful when cleaning with alcohol.

4) Make sure everything is dry

Now, before plugging in your gamepad or controller again, make sure it is completely dry. This shouldn’t take long as alcohol will quickly evaporate. Congratulations, your controller will look as good as new, and your games will be filled with fun rather than distractions! It's best to make sure it is completely dry before using, just to avoid any problems with moisture.

5) Plug your controller back in

Now your controller should look as good as new! To keep your controller clean, it's recommended to frequently wash your hands, and not to eat food while gaming. To maintain your controller, just follow these steps frequently, around once a month. This will help keep your gaming equipment clean and help it to last longer too. A bonus, is that it is also good for your health!

6) Get your game on!

Now, you've since you've cleaned your gaming gear, you can get back into the action! Take on all of your favorite games, whether FPS, RTS, or more with confidence that you'll be as powerful as ever! Gear up and win!


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If you need some extra help when cleaning your game controller, feel free to reach out to us at our support portal!

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