How to Change Mouse Skates

How to Change Mouse Skates

Is your high-end gaming mouse becoming slow? Noticing your performance isn’t as good as it used to be in your favorite games? Take a look below on How to Change Mouse Skates, as it may be time to clean your mouse pad or change your mouse skates!

Don’t worry. Just like our mouse pad cleaning instructions, changing or replacing your mouse skates is also really easy! Take a look at our easy guide below, to learn what mouse skates are, and how to change mouse skates.

How to change mouse skates
Differences between mouse skates

What Are Mouse Skates / Mouse Feet

Don’t know what mouse skates are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

On the bottom of your gaming mouse, you will notice that there are 2 to 4 white or black colored glossy pads. These are “Mouse Skates”, and the purpose of them is to reduce the friction of the mouse when interacting with the mouse pad, and to help the mouse glide easier, faster, and smoother. In a basic sense, they’re like the wheels of a sports car. If the wheels become worn out, you will face performance issues!

Mouse skates can come in a variety of materials, such as PTFE, ceramic, glass, vinyl, virgin PTFE and more. Want to know the exact differences between different mouse skates? Take a look HERE !

Why Changing Mouse Skates Can Improve Your Performance

Just like the analogy above, mouse skates can really enhance your gaming performance. Just like any other part of your gaming mouse setup, such as your switches, mouse pad, and even weight of your mouse; proper mouse skates can give you an edge over the competition in your favorite games.

When you first unbox your new gaming mouse, the mouse skates will be fresh out of the box. Sometimes, they’ll need a little bit of time to break in. However, after many months of usage, they can become scratched or even dull. This is because, while PTFE (the most common material for mouse skates), has an incredibly low friction, it is also soft. The softness of PTFE can cause it to easily become worn down or scratched, depending on your mouse pad.

Replacing them with replacement stock mouse skates, or even high-performance virgin PTFE mouse skates, can really bring your gaming mouse to the next level!

How to Change Mouse Skates On Your Gaming Mouse

As mentioned, it is really easy to replace or change your mouse skates!

Take a look at our video below, on how to change mouse skates!

If you can’t load the video above, or prefer to read how, here is a step by step on how to change mouse skates:

  • Locate the mouse skates on the bottom of your mouse;
  • Use an Exacto Knife or other thin tool, like a pry tool (be careful of sharp edges);
  • Gently pry the edge of the mouse skates off of the gaming mouse;
  • Use tweezers to grab the mouse skate, to lift it off of the mouse;
  • Repeat the same steps 1-4 for each skate;
  • Use the included alcohol wipes to gently clean any residue on the mouse skate areas (important);
  • Remove your new mouse skates from the packaging, while you’re waiting for the alcohol to dry;
  • Gently remove the new mouse skates, and apply them in the correct mouse skate area (be sure to move them into place, if they’re a bit off-center)
  • Press them firmly to ensure the adhesive backing on the mouse skate is stuck on the mouse.

 It’s that easy! For extra measure, place the mouse on your mouse pad and press it downwards.


Mouse Skates Aren't The Only Key to Winning

Now, you know how to change mouse skates, and have successfully done it! Enjoy using your favorite gaming mice to its full potential! You’ll quickly realize that the gaming mouse is much quicker than before, and more enjoyable to use!

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