Why Good Headphones Are Important For Gaming & Music

Why Good Headphones Are Important For Gaming & Music

Earphones and headphones play an important part in most people’s lives today. They offer the easiest and most effective route for listening, but not all are made the same! Here’s why a good pair of headphones are important for gaming and music!

Most Headphones May Look Similar But Don’t Sound Similar!

Headphones are the perfect way to have a little escape from a noisy reality, whether it be listening to your favorite tunes, or even watching movies. However, one key feature that is often overlooked and hugely affects the enjoyment level of using headphones, is if they’re actually good or not!

Let’s take a look at what makes a pair of headphones good for using wherever your music and movies take you!

Sound Quality

It’s no secret that a good pair of headphones will not just look good but will sound good as well. This can be a little difficult to fully decipher as everyone has different preferences. 

The human ear can only pick up a spectrum of sound between low (bass) and high (trebel), and typically high-quality headphones will have a wide range of frequencies as well as a good frequency response curve to make music enjoyable. While not everyone will prefer the same frequency response, it’s definitely something to consider.

It’s good to always look at reviews of headphones to see if they’re fit for you. One thing we would also suggest is using an EQ software and even Spatial Audio to get the most out of the experience.

Our suggestion: We’d suggest a driver of 50mm in size, as well as custom tuned drivers. Bonus points if the tuning of the drivers is publicly listed too.

Perfectly Comfort Fantech Portal 7.1 HG28 memory foam ear cushions why important headset headphones
Comfort is key!


If you’re a gamer or a Netflix fanatic, then you’ll definitely know how much discomfort a pair of headphones can cause if they’re not ergonomic, lightweight or simply not comfortable. A good pair of headphones will suit various head sizes without being too tight, or heavy.

Some key points to look for are the material of the ear cushions, as well as the weight of the headphones.

Our Suggestion: We’d suggest a weight of around 250-300 grams and Memory Foam ear cushions which will ensure a hassle-free all day experience.

Mobility & Durability

Lastly, mobility and durability are also important. While it’s not always good to have a pair of headphones that’s built like a tank as they’ll be heavy, it’s good to have something that you can use without worry. A good pair of headphones will not only be durable but also won’t constrict your mobility while you’re using them.

Our Suggestion: For this, we would suggest a pair of headphones with a lightweight PVC braided cable, and using a pair that’s appropriate for your head size.

All in all, everyone has different ears, so different headphones will be preferred by different people. However, a good pair of headphones will always not be too heavy, will offer great sound, and be durable enough for you to bring anywhere. Simply put, a good pair of headphones will make you enjoy your favorite media a lot more, without the hassles.


Looking for an Awesome Pair of Headphones?

If you’re looking for an awesome pair of headphones with custom tuned 50mm drivers, publicly listed frequency response, memory foam ear cushions, as well as a lightweight design, then feel free to check out our Fantech ALTO headset below! ALTO also features a detachable mic, making it convert from headphones to headset on-the-fly!


  • 50mm Driver
  • Easy Volume Control
  • Detachable Microphone
  • Extra-Comfortable Ear-Cushions
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility