Glass Skates vs PTFE Skates - What's The Difference for Your Gaming Mouse?

Glass Skates vs PTFE Skates - What's The Difference for Your Gaming Mouse?

Gaming fans and mouse enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to “up their game”. One of the newest trends is to replace the PTFE Skates on a gaming mouse, with Glass Skates like our upcoming STRIKESKATE series.

But why? What makes glass skates so good? Will glass skates improve your performance? Are glass mouse skates better than PTFE? We’ll break this down below!

Are Glass Skates Better Than PTFE Skates?

You may wonder why gamers should use glass skates on their gaming mouse. Well, you've come to the right place for answers!

Previously, we’ve covered everything there is to know about PTFE mouse skates, and now one of the hottest trends are glass mouse skates. At first glance, glass would look like it has even higher friction than PTFE. However, that isn’t exactly the case. There's a lot of performance to be had.

Glass mouse skates are typically made from aluminosilicate glass, which provides excellent performance right out of the box.

The biggest advantages that glass mouse skates have versus standard PTFE mouse skates are:

  1. Lower static friction (Easier to make micro adjustments, better glide/tracking, and better aiming)
  2. Durability (Less likely to scratch, or wear down over time)
  3. More Consistent (Better “out of the box” feel, perfect performance from day one)
  4. Rounded Edges (Not all PTFE skates have rounded edges while glass skates are polished for performance)
  5. Micro-Movements (Makes sudden swipes to target an enemy much easier)

Due to these above features, glass skates are growing to be quite popular among gamers, as the advantages compared to PTFE skates are night and day.

In a nutshell, glass skates are extremely fast, durable and precise compared to standard PTFE skates. All of that translates into giving an amazing experience with your favorite gaming mice.

However, it is incredibly important to note that glass skates SHOULD NOT be used on glass mouse pads as this could lead to irreversible permanent damage. If you're using a glass mouse pad, it's important to use PTFE skates.

It is worth mentioning that every mouse pad reacts differently, and every player does as well. Glass skates are an amazing way to break free of any limitation related to your gaming mouse, but having a quality and clean mouse pad is equally as important too.

All in all, glass skates are a wonderful addition to most gaming setups and can truly take your experience to the next level. When used properly, they provide amazing glide and tracking, giving gamers the opportunity to clutch some great moments and even win the game.


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