How to Stop Your Gaming Mouse Cursor From Stuttering or Skipping in FPS Games!

How to Stop Your Gaming Mouse Cursor From Stuttering or Skipping in FPS Games!

FPS games are becoming increasingly popular, and are the perfect way to test out not only your skill but also the capabilities of your high end gaming mouse! If your gaming mouse skips or stutters during clutch moments, don't worry! Here's how to fix it.

How to Fix Your Gaming Mouse Cursor Skipping or Stuttering During Gameplay?

While playing your favorite game, whether it be an FPS, MOBA or other, performance of your gaming setup is incredibly important. Having your mouse cursor skip or stutter during a clutch moment will surely result in disaster and frustration.

A dirty or dusty sensor on your gaming mouse could be the culprit. Dust, debris, mousepad fibers and other things can obstruct your sensor’s ability to function properly.

Another cause of stuttering or skipping can be the LOD (Lift-Off Distance) of the gaming mouse. A mouse with a low LOD could cause stuttering issues on some mouse pads depending on their material.

Lastly, a faulty gaming mouse could cause this issue as well. This is why it’s important to buy quality gaming gear.

Most commonly, stuttering is caused by LOD or sensor issues. Here’s some epic tips on how to quickly solve it.

1) Use a cotton swab/Q-Tip and wet it with distilled water. (Note: It should be distilled water and not alcohol, contrary to what other brands may suggest as alcohol reacts with ABS and other plastics.)
2) Unplug your gaming mouse from your computer.
3) Wipe the sensor of the mouse gently, and wipe it dry after with the other side of the cotton swab.
4) Use a cloth to dry-wipe your mouse pad to remove any debris from it.
5) Plug your gaming mouse back into your computer and try it.

If this hasn’t fixed the issue, then we suggest opening the software of your gaming mouse and adjusting the LOD (Lift-Off Distance) to a higher or lower amount and then trying. Lastly, if the issue continues to persist and you’re using a wireless mouse, then make sure the wireless USB dongle is in line of sight of the mouse, to prevent interference or 2.4Ghz connection loss while gaming.

If all goes well, these tips should help you be at your best performance in-game without the hassle or distraction of hardware annoyances.


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