Why Some Gaming Mice Have Holes in the Shell!

Why Some Gaming Mice Have Holes in the Shell!

In recent years, gaming mice have begun to have holes in them, whether it be a fancy design in the bottom, sides or even the top! But what purpose do these holes serve in a gaming mouse? Why are they there?

Why Gaming Mice Have Holes & Why This Matters!

The first and most obvious reason for the holes is weight reduction. By removing plastic from the body of the mouse, manufacturers can shave off a few grams of weight, which makes a big difference in a fast-paced game where quick movements and reflexes are key. A lighter mouse also reduces fatigue and wrist strain during long gaming sessions.

In addition to saving weight, some gamers may find that the holes also may improve airflow and ventilation, as their hand won’t be constantly in contact with a solid material. The holes allow for some air to flow through the mouse (depending on its design), and allows for less contact points between the hand and the surface of the mouse. This is important to gamers who live in humid climates, but it’s important to know this is only a secondary feature, and is entirely dependent on the design of the gaming mouse itself.

Another possible benefit of the holes is grip! The holes may provide additional texture and grip, which can help prevent the mouse from slipping out of your hand. However, again, this is totally dependent on the design of the mouse.

Using a gaming mouse with holes in it isn’t entirely a perfect situation though. One of the biggest downsides is comfort. Some gamers may find the holes are uncomfortable if they have sensitive skin. The edges of the holes can rub against the skin, and be a distraction while gaming.

Another downside is that the holes can potentially allow dirt or dust to accumulate inside the mouse. This can even be exasperated by crumbs from snacks or other edibles.

In our opinion, it’s best to just understand that the holes will definitely lower the weight of the mouse, rather than focus on air flow or grip as those entirely depend on the design of the mouse itself. It’s also good to know that some heavy mice may also feature holes as a way of trying to appear lightweight when they aren’t. Lastly, not every lightweight gaming mouse have holes, as some use techniques to lower the weight of the PCB or their insides. The key takeaway is that lightweight gaming mice are incredibly effective for gamers, and some may have holes.


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