WGP13 vs GP13 vs WGP12 vs GP12 Gamepads - What's the Difference?

WGP13 vs GP13 vs WGP12 vs GP12 Gamepads - What's the Difference?

When choosing a game controller or gamepad, there’s a lot of choices to be made on the market! A lot of fans have asked us “What’s the Difference Between WGP12, WGP13, GP12 & GP13 Gamepads?”.

We’ve made it easy to know the differences! Take a look below at what makes each gamepad great!

What’s The Difference Between Fantech WGP12, WGP13, GP12 and GP13 Controllers?

A gamepad can make all the difference when playing your favorite games!

When developing and using game controllers, we know there’s a divide on the exact layout that is most comfortable. Some gamers prefer the “Xbox Layout”, while others prefer the “PS Layout”, which is just a matter of where the analog sticks are placed - beside each other or offset.

Wireless and wired connectivity matters as well, as some gamers prefer lower latency while some prefer to game in true comfort without being tethered.

The Fantech GP series of gamepads (GP12 & GP13) are wired connectivity gamepads, focusing on ergonomics.

GP12 vs WGP12 WGP12+ Gamepad Controller Fantech
GP12 vs WGP12+

The WGP series of gamepads (WGP12 & WGP13) are wireless gamepads capable of allowing gamers to game from the comfort of their sofa and more.

The main differences between GP12 & WGP12 as well as GP13 & WGP13 are mainly the layout of the controllers. GP12 and WGP12 are PS layout, while GP13 and WGP13 are XBOX layout.

GP13 vs WGP13 gamepad controller fantech
GP13 vs WGP13

WGP13 and GP13 also feature a built in Turbo Mode to help gamers in their favorite games.

No matter which controller you choose, you’ll be getting the quality that Fantech is known for, and the ability to take on your favorite games in comfort.


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PRO Gaming Controller

  • Wireless 2.4 GHz
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