Drag Clicking - Why You Shouldn't Do It

Drag Clicking - Why You Shouldn't Do It

Drag Clicking - A Warning

Want to know how to get the most clicks per second for games like Minecraft? Want to learn how to drag click? Well, as a large gaming brand, we would like to advise against drag clicking. We know this may be a bit shocking, but hear us out.


As per the nature of drag clicking, it puts a lot of stress on the mouse switch. Due to the high amount of clicks per second, and friction force that drag clicking causes, the lifetime of the product will be greatly reduced. While a normal mouse could last years, drag clicking will inevitably lower the life expectancy of the product, and could cause non-repairable damage in the long run. Be cautious, and use this skill at your own risk.


Just remember, regardless of how much care you take of your mouse, drag clicking will eventually damage it and/or reduce the product's life time!




It’s exactly what it sounds like - dragging your finger across the mouse button(s), to cause the switch to register more clicks than standard tapping on on the mouse. Drag clicking is also known as Fazer Tapping or Tap Clicking, but it’s all the same thing.

Drag Clicking increases your CPS, by taking advantage of the friction between the mouse button and your skin, as you move your finger across the surface. This friction creates vibrations, which are registered by the mouse switch, and causes rapid clicking. It essentially turns your mouse into “burst fire” per physical tap, rather than the traditional one click per button press.



Drag clicking is somewhat a controversial topic, and is even looked down upon by some mouse or gaming enthusiasts.

While it is useful in games such as Minecraft PVP or other games where a high CPS is important, as the average is 6.51 CPS and Drag Clicking can reach near 14 CPS, it can cause damage to the mouse. Additionally, some servers and games have outright banned drag clicking due to the unfair advantage that it can cause, as some see it as manipulating the game.



  • Compared to normal usage of a mouse, Drag Clicking or Tap Clicking puts a large amount of strain on the switch, and will significantly reduce the lifetime of the product.
  • As previously mentioned, some servers on Minecraft outright ban Drag Clicking as its noticeable to see.

However, even though these facts exist, many gamers still use the technique.

Wrap Up - Should You Drag Click?

You’re completely free to do what you want, and are encouraged to try out different play styles and see what fits you! However, we can’t recommend any of our mice specifically for Drag Clicking due to the fact that it will cause long term damage.

Just keep in mind that it can and will harm your mouse in the long run. If your game can benefit from Drag Clicking and there's no rules against it, then it may be better to find a better alternative to damaging your mouse.