Upcoming Aria Accessories Sneak Peak – Glass Skates & Transparent Top Shells!

Upcoming Aria Accessories Sneak Peak – Glass Skates & Transparent Top Shells!

With Aria, we’re not stopping at creating what many gamers feel to be one of 2022’s best gaming mice. That’s right. We’re launching some awesome accessories soon so take a sneak peak at the upcoming Glass Skates & Transparent Top Shells for Fantech Aria XD7 Gaming Mouse!

Fantech Aria XD7 Glass Skates & Transparent Top Shells Sneak Peak!

While we can’t give an exact launch date for both of these amazing accessories yet, we wanted to share them early to receive feedback and to show gamers a bit of the “behind the scenes” that happens at Fantech.

Introducing Fantech StrikeSkates Glass Skates!

Our Strikeskate series of mouse skates are made of Aluminosilicate Glass, with rounded edges to give an incredibly great feel and performance to gamers. Unlike traditional PTFE skates, glass skates have the advantage of having a lower static friction, which makes flicks much easier. Get ready to take control of your gaming!

In a nutshell, these skates will truly take your Fantech Aria gaming mouse above and beyond the competition in games. These aren’t the standard PTFE skates of yesterday, that’s for sure.

Introducing Fantech Aria Transparent Frost Top Shells!

As you may know, our Fantech Aria XD7 gaming mouse has a removable top shell. We’ve worked hard, and traveled to the past to the lands of retro gaming to create two awesome Frost Edition top shells in both red and blue colors to bring your Aria to the next level! Embrace the retro future!

Simply put, these top shells / swappable top cases, will take your Fantech Aria gaming mouse to the next level!

If you haven't tried Aria yet, you may want to take a look at what some of YouTube's most trusted reviewers have to say about our newest gaming mouse!

All in all, a great gaming mouse should level up your gaming experience, and allow you to be even better in your favorite games! That's something that Aria definitely checks the box for.


Embrace the Retro Future & Take Control of Your Gaming with Fantech Aria!

Whether you’re a fan of glass skates, or just want to bring your Aria to the next level with some retro-inspired top shell casings, we’ve got you covered! If you haven’t picked up Aria yet, feel free to take a look below at one of this year’s most epic gaming mice!


  • PixArt 3395 Gaming Sensor
  • 59 Grams Super Lightweight Design
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • Kailh GM8.0 Switches
  • TTC Gold Scroll Wheel Encoder
  • Huano Black Shell White Dot Side Switches
  • Huano Black Shell Blue Dot Scroll Switch
  • No RGB!

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