4 Reasons Why Your Keyboard Should Have a Coiled Cable

4 Reasons Why Your Keyboard Should Have a Coiled Cable

On Instagram and Reddit, a lot of mechanical keyboard fans are showing off their builds. You may have noticed that a lot of builds feature one consistent piece of gear - a coiled cable. Here’s why your keyboard setup should have one!

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Coiled cables are a magnificent piece of gear that ties all of the setup together in an incredibly aesthetic way.

1) Durability

If you’ve ever felt a coiled cable, the first thing you’ll notice is that they’re designed with a braided nylon material instead of a traditional rubber construction. This braided nylon cable allows them to have extreme resistance against fraying, and other types of damage. This may not be the most jaw-dropping reason, but an old rubber cable can easily be the downfall of your mechanical keyboard experience.

2) Clean & Tangle-Free!

There’s nothing more frustrating than a tangled cable, and we’re sure that this is the sole reason that wireless was invented. Jokes aside, keyboard cables can easily become tangled, especially when paired with other cables beneath your desk setup. To combat this, the natural looped design on a coiled cable prevents the cable from becoming tangled, and reduces the overall hassle of using a wired mechanical keyboard.

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3) Quick-Disconnect Connector

Another amazing feature of coiled cables is the large metal aviator connector that connects the two halves together. This connector is oversized, retro-feeling, and able to disconnect with ease. This gives a lot less hassle when taking your keyboard on-the-go and provides infinite possibilities of color combinations.

4) Fun, Fun, FUN!

Coiled cables, aside from the anti-tangle design, don’t provide any performance boosting enhancements. However, they’re notoriously fun to play with, and add a premium feel to any keyboard build with their timeless touch of class. The large aviator connector, the “telephone cord-esque” coils and the durability, make them a real fun thing to fidget and mess around with. 

Looking to Try a Coiled Cable? 

If you’re looking to upgrade your mechanical keyboard with a coiled cable, then be sure to check out our Fantech AC701 series!


  • GX12 Connector
  • 1.75 M Length
  • Type-C to USB-A
  • Available in 8 Colors