Shipping Policy

Below is the shipping policy that applies on any order placed through our website.

Where We Currently Ship To:

  • United States
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Vietnam
  • Singapore

For other countries, we suggest checking the local market for a Fantech product importer, or using our Store Locator to find a Fantech Official Store near you.


Shipping Options:

Currently only has international logistics via YunExpress, we will open more options in the future. YunExpress will default to your local shipping courier, such as USPS or FEDEX, for the last-mile shipping.


Order Cancellations:

All order cancellations (for example, if a customer changes their mind and wishes to cancel their order) need to be requested within 24 hours after ordering. Please note that if the product has already been sent out and is en-route to the customer, then the order cannot be canceled until it is received, and return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer.


Shipping Price:

As each item weighs a different amount and is sized differently, shipping will be automatically calculated during checkout.


Shipping Times:

For each area that we ship to, the time may differ depending on distance, customs, and more. Please note that customs delays, local delays, and handling time are excluded.

Here are the estimated shipping times for reference:

  • Japan, Singapore & Vietnam: 5-8 Business Days
  • United States: 8-12 Business Days
  • Canada: 10-15 Business Days


Handling Time:

Most orders are packaged and sent within 2 to 5 business days after payment confirmation.

If orders are placed before 3:00PM (GMT+8), the order will be processed the following business day.


Additional Information:

For Japan 日本: 英語情報のみ (English Only)

For Canada: As per Canadian Tax Law on imported items, a tax surcharge will be placed on the order. Please note that we cannot change this charge or remove it, as doing so could cause packages to be delayed, destroyed or even cause larger tax fees for you from Canadian Customs.

Marking as Gift: We are unable to declare the item as 0 value or as a gift, as this is not acceptable by International Customs. Doing so could cause the item to be delayed, or larger tax fees to be paid for by the customer.

VAT (Value-Added Tax): Due to the customs policy for different countries, we cannot guarantee if your product will be taxed during import. This is due to the fact that not all items will be flagged for taxation upon being imported.

To provide a better service, and lower price for customers, our product prices do not include VAT or other import taxes. If the item is taxed, we are happy to provide any documentation or paperwork required for customs clearance, if possible. Only for Canada, the VAT price is pre-paid as per regulations.


General Shipping Restrictions:

Please note that we do not ship to the following addresses:

  • APO, DPO address, PO box, Amazon FBA warehouse
  • Forwarding Addresses
  • Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, other minor outlying islands


Important Note About Shipping:

The customer is responsible to help for successful delivery of their product. This includes contacting the shipping company, and providing details such as identification that they require, if asked for.

Below is important information to prevent items from being returned by the shipping company:

  • To avoid the item from being returned, customers are required to provide their full name in the information form when purchasing the product. The cost of the return will be the responsibility of the customer if the name on the form is incorrect or incomplete. If there is a mistake, please email us here.
  • To avoid the item from being returned by/to the shipping company (due to necessary information not being provided to customs), the customer should frequently check the tracking as well, and ensure they respond to any request (usually regarding tax) from the shipping company. This should be done within 48 hours, in order to avoid paying any re-delivery or re-shipping surcharge. We will also frequently check the tracking for each item to ensure that any notification of it being stuck in customs can be dealt with in a timely manner. Upon receiving the notification, we will contact the customer to provide information in regards to customs clearance.
  • If items are returned, or need to be reshipped due to incorrect information, or delays in providing necessary information to the shipping company/customs by the customer, an additional fee may be placed which is the customer’s sole responsibility.


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